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Hi Warriors

I have several Facebook pages and one of them has over 178,000 fans and my latest one which was started a month ago has now got 3.200 fans.

I've found a very good way of monetising them through posting links which is proving to be very profitable and better than Adsense. However it would be great to know whether any of you have Facebook pages and how you monetise them?
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    How are you monetizing by posting links? Are you getting paid to post other people's links?

    I just use facebook to send traffic to my sites and this is how I monetize.
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    I use it to promote my site.

    I have an online business and I'm using it to share my site.

    In that way I generate more traffic.
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      Yes I'm getting paid for posting links although it's effective but most are seeing that the articles are click bait and shy away from them

      IM and Social Media Entrepreneur

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    Well now you are posting links for 3rd parties that we assume make more than they pay you. So if you want to earn more do what they do. If they have a store and ship physical items do dropshipping.

    You should build a list though. The organic reach is quite low now.
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      We are building lists too.

      It's easy money with the links but I see what you mean. They are obviously making more money to be able to pay us what we receive.

      IM and Social Media Entrepreneur

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    I am not sure that you earn money from Facebook Page but i think you can earn money through Facebook Page using affiliate link / website
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