How I Can Get Viewers To My Youtube Channel

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Hi everyone

I just launched my YouTube channel and uploaded many videos but i am struggling how i can get viewers , i saw YouTube channels gets thousands of viewers in a short period time
i bought back links but the result was ZERO , do you have any advises , or Suggestions .

Thank you
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    Do you have the right keywords for your title? Look at the competition that you are going up against; if there's too much competition (established videos with tons of views), you might have a hard time getting found through YouTube search.

    For example, use Google Keyword Planner tool to find the search count of a phrase that best fit your video. If there's a high monthly search for that phrase, go back to YouTube search and type it in. Next, see how many videos come up for it. If there's too many videos (especially over 100k views), you might want to avoid that; competition seem stiff for that phrase.

    Rinse and repeat for every keyword phrases that matches your video.
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    You have to share your video to your other social media.

    Keep on sharing it. Social media is really helpful.
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    You really need to be active in driving people to your channel. Unfortunately people don't just show up to watch your videos because you have made them.

    You need to be posting them around the internet and bookmarking them and anything else you can think of - Email them to people if you have a list.

    The biggest metric for ranking in Youtube is watch time so get people to watch them until the end if you can
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    To get the good number of views on Youtube channel there are certain steps that you should follow:
    - Use Annotations to drive good traffic
    - Create a YouTube channel trailer
    - Always stay active on Social Media
    - Follow a Consistent Posting Schedule
    - Optimize So You Can Be Found For Keyword Searches
    - Engage With Your Viewers and Current Subscribers
    - Create Playlists
    - Add a YouTube Widget to Your Blog

    As per me knowledge and experience, these are some great ways to increase the number of views in your YT channel.

    We at Netforce use cutting edge technology and employ exceptionally talented professionals to deliver high quality results so that you can stand out from the crowd.

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    Share your channel as many times as you can.

    The main key is to create a good content.
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    First you should optimize your channel or all video then you can also run paid advertising through google ad words you can get more views on your channel or video it will charge you google very low cot.
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    I actually created a pretty nice guide on youtube ranking! If you want you can check it out.
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    I would say share your videos with everyone who may benefit or enjoy the type of content you put out. Look for problems people may have and create a detailed video. Create enough of those, in a niche-specific way, and you'll have targeted subscribers which is easier to market to. Don't worry about getting a million subs on YouTube if you're not in the entertainment realm. Information doesn't get a ton of subs unless you do it in an entertaining way.
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    you just share your link in many social and online bookmarking site it's help yuo for rank your website
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    Keep sharing your channel through blogs and other social media.

    Create a good content. That's the key to generate more views.
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    Improve the content of your videos, share your videos on different social networks with quality descriptions, share on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.
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