Visibility on instagram after adding a new hashtag long time after post

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If we add hashtag on a existing old posts, can it boost its visibility even if it's been post long time ago ?

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    Yeah it could. all depends on the activity of that tag(s) of course
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    Yes tags are really efficient way of getting seen in all the social networks provided that how popular is that tag is.
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    Yes unless they changed it recently that does work. I have done this a bunch of times and right away tapped the hashtag to see if it was added to the top of that hashtags feed and it was. So if you have some older posts that you think could benefit from some more useful hashtags then go ahead and add them and then check to see if your pic or video is in that hashtags category.
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    Yeah it works as of right now! (if your app is up-to-date!) it can gain more likes and views. i believe it depends on the niche how great this method works though...
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    Yes it could still get more likes. That's the tactic. You could change your hashtags every once in a while so that it could generate you numbers of likes.
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  • Yes, it will show. This only goes to show that on IG, hashtags are used to categorize images in order to find similar ones with the same tags or names, no matter how old they are.
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