How much time do you spend every day on Facebook or Twitter?

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Title says it all. Just wondering how much time do you spend daily on Facebook, Twitter or other social media channel? I hardly check my Facebook and thus I am interested to know about yours.

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  • Overall, I spend around 5-8 hours a day on social media, for work and personal stuff.
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    I used to spend my time on Facebook few times a day just for looking through new photos, videos and interesting posts of my friends. There is no set time, in most cases it depends on my mood and free time I have. recently, I started to use a Twitter too, but I do not use it very often!
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    Maximum 2-3 hr
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    Maximum 2 hours per day
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    I spend most of my time checking on my different social media accounts. While I was doing my online job, I occasionally check on my social media.
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    I do for 3-4 hours every day!!

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    I spend 4 to 5 hours on facebook only because I also do some online marketing through facebook. Otherwise one hour is more than enough for me in a day.
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    20 min a day I would say...
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    Hmm, it is very good question! To be honestly, it can be even 6 hours in a day! Be sure, I am a normal person, but I use this time for my business! I like spend time with my friends, but business it is a business!
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    2 to 3 hours is normal. But I'm always online in case there is some notification, I always check all notifications no matter how much busy I am.
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    It depends on the use of Social media for your business. If it is 5-6 hours a day and I certainly do this most days, then it should be spent productively. Contacting networks, working on Facebook pages and adverts or answering questions within your groups.
    I am also a Blogger and share my posts throughout the Social networks; I advertise on Facebook each week and I am testing various methods to promote my Business further.
    If you spend too much time just 'chatting' or reading nonsensical posts ( and yes, I have been guilty of that too ...then you are wasting valuable time.
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    I spend a few minutes a day and only when i have to post something.

    All the rest i have automated but in fact running 24/7.

    I would say average time to spend on social media should be at least 3-4 hours a day to complete all tasks needed.

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    Lots and lots of time! It's what I do for a living so sometimes too much time!

    Approx. 8-12 hours/day
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    Maybe 1 to 3 hrs based on my contributions or what am promoting.
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    I spend time on social media to make some escape. If I feel that I am too drown with my work, I go to my social media accounts and look for some entertainment.
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    I have no set time.But it is around 1 hour a day.

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    Probably 2-3 hours a day on Twitter, Facebook has taken a back seat of late and i tend to go on just to have a nosey if friends have posted pictures, or to wish a happy birthday to people i know
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    I think it's 5-6 hours, but not just on Facebook and Twitter but also in tumblr, G+, Pinterest.
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    I spend 1 or 2 hours on Facebook a day.
    Mainly checking updates from friends, find it a waste of time but it has become a deeply rooted habit.

    As for marketing purposes, I don't really spend that much time to grow my fan page compare to before.
    Before this, I will tweak, post and keep tracking the statistics for my fan page.
    However, right now I just let it grow naturally.

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    I spend about half an hour on facebook, more precisely on my facebook page and about 45 minutes on twitter and on other social accounts like google plus and linkedin i spend a quarter or so.

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    In totality, I spend 2 hours on social media. I disciplined myself not to put too much time on them. I just visit my social media accounts to gather some news from friends.
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    2-3 hours in-off for both facebook and twitter
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