Facebook has banned my account, will this happen?

by Aniga
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Facebook has banned my account. They had my Visa card on file, so I was wondering whether they will ban me again if I open a new account with the same name but with a Mastercard this time.

Do you think they will ban me again?
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    Do you think they will ban me again?
    Yes. You cannot create another account.

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    Actually why Facebook ban you?
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    Probably blocked for the mass addition of friends, spam, for the mass layking, suspicious links.
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    You can appeal your ban with Facebook. Go to the Help Center & you will see the link.

    If you got banned because of obvious spam and misleading people it will be very hard to appeal.
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    Why exactly did they ban you? Did you do something that violated one of their rules? I don't think you can sign up with the same name. They won't allow it. Better fix your issue.
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    Facebook has locked my ads account for a month. I have verifyed follow their require but my account still lock.
    They work rather arbitrarily. I creat nomal account for several years, never break rule. I have just began my business and run the first advertise they immediately locked my account.
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    They're not that dumb. Just try to resolve the current issue. Unless you've done something fairly outrageous, I doubt the ban is irrevocable. You should be able to straighten it out. That's probably a better route than opening another account and hoping FB doesn't notice (they will).
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    My Visa account was locked.
    I hired agent account from a friend of mine.
    Everything works very well.
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    Are you spamming? Probably lots of activities like adding friends, joining page and groups and so on. Sure, you can open another account but check your bank statement.
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    There are a lot of "Facebook advertising strategies" being thrown around that will get you banned. Facebook want's to keep people on FB. AND they want you to PAY for advertising.
    They've already blocked ALL JVzoo links and probably most of the other marketers platforms URLS too.
    My advice:
    #1. NEVER put a link in a post. add it AFTER you have got some interaction on the post in the comments section
    #2 NEVER put a direct link to your offer provider (Clickbank/ETSY/Amazon etc)
    ALWAYS use a tracking service with cloaking. that way we won't get the next awesome product delivery platform links banned!
    Use you own domain/subdomain, becuase if that get's blacklisted, you can just get another and you protect your affiliate domain.
    Like I said, JVzoo links are already banned forever because of the "spammer" strategy.
    Even better, put a capture page (opt-in form) as the link, to collect your subscribers before they go to your awesome offer.

    Jez Feldmesser - "Your entrepreneur friend" My self-made entrepreneur blog

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    I highly doubt you would get your account unbanned.

    If you plan on creating a new account, then be aware that brand new accounts go through a stricter process and review compared to aged and proven ad accounts.

    I suggest you use brand new everything for your account.
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    You can use agents facebook account.
    Avoid the review of Facebook.
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  • It may be temporary block, you should contact Facebook support.
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