How can I get social media fans and followers?

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I have a website and looking huge no. of social media fans and followers.
How can i get it, could you please advise. thank you!
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    Can you explain your question. I seem not to understand?
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    Are you looking to buy them or increase them naturally?

    I guess you are asking the second.

    Engage on social networks as much as you can with people in your same niche and you will get natural likes from interested people in your same niche.

    Most of the times simple things works the best.

    REAL RESULTS! Try and See!
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    If you want to increase fans and followers on urgent basis then you can go with . Otherwise you can use following below mention tools
    1. Circloscope - Powerful Google+ Circle Management
    3. - Get 100% FREE Facebook Likes, Twitter and Instagram Followers, YouTube Subscribers and more.
    No doubt these tools will take some time to increase you followers. But your followers will be genuine. You can use free trial of these tools.
    I hope this answer will be helpful for you.
    Thanks and Regards

    Abhishek Nigam
    Owner | Search Engine Times |

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    There are many ways. Don't expect a huge following too soon unless you spend lots of money on paid ads or unless you are a celebrity.

    1. Run Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Ads
    2. Create great content
    3. Follow lots of people in your demographics or niche
    4. Don't pitch people too much be social and engaging

    Good luck with whatever route you take. It will take time and patience, but anything worth it always does.
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    1. Get known if you are an artist or a politician.
    2. Promote your page using sponsored ads.
    3. Create a website and drive tons of traffic to it everyday and link your site to your social media accounts.
    4. Participate in your social media and offer gifts, freebies, competition e.t.c

    It's not a one size fit all.
    Grow your social media account, Spotify Streams, YT Views & IG Followers & More
    Software & Mobile APP Developer
    Buy Spotify, Facebook Bot & IG M/S Method
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    You should of course promote it to your different social media accounts. Promote it everyday. Have a good advertising. Be creative when giving them an overview about your site.
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    Join social communities and create fan pages for your website. Join groups and share updates regularly. It will have more outreach and would improve followers.
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    I think that first you should prioritize social networks where your customers like to be and then create profiles for top social networks. Then you should optimize your social profiles, promote your social presence everywhere, add social sharing buttons to all your content. Try to share only original, valuable and useful content. Interact with followers and anyone who mentions you. Fins, follow and build relationships with people in oyur industry!
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    Here are some tips and suggestion which will help you to get more social media fans and followers:
    - first of all you should know that the number of fans will vary depending on your company size, industry, existing customer base;
    - do not buy fake social media fans and followers;
    - fill out your profile completely;
    - publish some posts before inviting new friends;
    - curate other people content;
    - starting up a thread, asking questions, starting a discussion in a great way to get people to interact with your brand and content;
    - share great and exclusive content;
    - if you want to interact more fans and followers, you need to have a link on your website.
    - post regularly;
    - add other social media profiles to your profile, but do not share the same content on all of them;
    There are more other ways how to get more social media fans and followers!
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    Hello, try to use all your interesting ideas! So, a lot of people in social networks likes creative pictures and interesting content! Try to be the best in social networks, and thanks for this advice everything will be fine!
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    Create facebook ads. You could also try twitter, just make sure to use the right hashtags so that it will reach your target customers.
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    Promote it on facebook. Share it through different facebook groups. You could also do it on Pinterest. You could get there instant likes in just a span of time. Just make sure to use the right hashtags.
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  • Nature of your business decides .. which type of promotion it requires.

    ** Facebook is best for businesses selling products.
    ** Twitter is best for services based activities.

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