How to not show your Facebook ad to people who have already used the ad to sign up?

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Hi there,

I'm investing a lot in generating leads through Facebook campaigns.

How do I stop my ad being shown to people who already clicked on it and signed up?

Because I feel showing the ad to them would be unncessary and they might get annoyed, report the ad for irrelevance and hence increase the CPC for me.

I know something similar can be done through the custom audience settings where you can exclude people who saw the thank you page.

But the downside is that it will show the ad only to the people who visited the site, thereby resulting in lesser reach.

I need a mechanism to only exclude the people who've seent the thank you page.

Any help would be appreciated.


Kush Sharma
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    No prob

    Here's what you need

    1- ensure you have the FB pixel on your landing page and thank you page a lead sees after signing up
    2- make sure you have a thank you page that your dorm redirect to. This is important.
    3- create a custom audience inside your Facebook ads manager of people who view the thank you page after becoming a lead
    4- use this audience of people who land on the thank you page as an exclusion for your ad set

    That will exclude those people. I do this all the time for offline lead gen from FB.
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