5 Tips for Instagram Success

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Instagram is growing. You want to be seen – be on Instagram. You want to be noticed – be on Instagram. But you need to do it right. Just having a presence is a start – but will get you nowhere unless you are leveraging your content and getting the basics right.

We’ve nailed down our top 5 Instagram tips to get your profile on its way to Instagram success.

Create a strategy
You are much more targeted and have a better chance of uploading organised and meaningful content if you have a plan. Setting a content strategy is a great way to put your ideas down on paper – which in turn can lead to the generation of bigger and brighter ideas as a bonus addition.

Engage at a personal level
Your customers want personal engagement – not to be sold to. We can visit your website if we want to see images about your products and services. We want more. We want to know what makes your business tick, what happens behind the scenes, the good – the bad – and the ugly. Speak to us – don’t sell to us.

Take a great photo!

Instagram is all about visual impact so it is absolutely necessary to get savvy with your camera. Whether you have a professional camera with all the bells and whistle, or simply your iphone – there are enough apps out there to help you create the perfect image for your brand.

Be consistent
Keeping a consistent look and feel across your profile will work wonders to conveying a consistent brand message. From using the same style of filter – to post content to your hashtags – keeping a consistent message whilst being visually appealing is the key.

Be creative
Mix up your posts between images and video – as well as mixing up the style of posts and hashtags. Think along the lines of pics of your staff, management, images on location if you have a physical space, your products ‘in situ’ (on location) or your customers using your products. Use diversified and creative content to keep your followers wanting more. Research trending hashtags and create your own hashtags relevant to your business.

As with all marketing techniques, it’s trial and error. Try some different strategies and see what works best for you. Plan, trial and amend and keep up-to-date with relevant trends and hashtags to keep your followers engaged.
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    do you have any examples?
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    awesome tips, i regularly use instagram. there are nice information about instagram. it will be helpful for me. thanks for sharing it.
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    Focus on quality:Make sure all your images are attractive and always check that they are of actually really high quality.
    Think of the hashtag carefully:Every time you create a new hashtag for a project or a campaign, make sure that it hasn’t already been used and that it’s easily remembered
    Learn more about your followers: Be interactive with your followers and learn more about the loyal ones
    Be consistent: if you started posting 3 times per day, don’t start posting once per week. Try to stick to a plan as much as possible.
    Use a Link in your Bio:Within Instagram you are able to crate a bio which you should link to a landing page
    Connect to other forms of social media:Sharing your Instagram content with your other social media accounts will save you time and help to increase your leads.
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    I fully agree with you that Instagram is still growing! Thank you for sharing these top 5 Instagram tips which can help to get my profile on its way to Instagram success.
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    Awesome tips, thanks for sharing with us. these tips are really very helpful to increase Instagram followers.
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    Thank you for sharing these helpful tips with us.
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    Taking great photos and being creative are the two most important tip. Instagram is about sharing high quality photos in an artistic way. Don't just settle with low quality photos without any subject.
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      Originally Posted by sunchineklein View Post

      Taking great photos and being creative are the two most important tip. Instagram is about sharing high quality photos in an artistic way. Don't just settle with low quality photos without any subject.
      I agree! You also have to use the right hashtags to be noticed.
      The best project you ever work on is you.
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    Thank you! Choosing a right hashtag is quite hard :/
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    good tips. there are useful information about instagram success. it will be helpful for everyone. thanks for sharing it.
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    Absolutely nice tips, I will apply these tips on my personal account
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    Great article. Some tips are time consuming like personal interaction but as you know nothing comes easy.

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    Being creative is the number one key factor. Your tips are all really helpful. Great for starters. Instagram is for taking high definition and artistic photos. Also picking and choosing the right hashtags.
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    Awesome tips! May I know your instagram account and have you had applied it in your own account and have success doing it?
    The best project you ever work on is you.
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    I like those tips, anyone been through the course Instagram Domination? There's some ninja tricks in there

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    5 Key Steps to Instagram Success
    1. Generate an Instagram profile
    2. Build an hashtag strategy
    3. Create a posting strategy
    4. Promote engagement
    5. Be found with geo-tagging on Instagram
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    Post at best time find the time of maximum activity of your followers and post at this time.
    Use most engaged filters know which filters are most engaged and use it
    Choose best type of posts sometimes posts with video are most engaged
    Use analytics to track your benchmark and know your followers. I recommend to use this instagram analytics, it provides full information about your account
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    Very solid advice!! I personally haven't used Instagram for anything IM related but those guidelines can't help but bring success to users.
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    Thanks for the post.

    I've never used Instagram. Maybe I should get cracking!


    Let's connect on Facebook because it's always good to meet fellow marketers. Send me a friend request: https://www.facebook.com/tom.andrews.7927

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    Instagram success is what every Instagrammers aim these days. Aside from fame, it is also a great venture when it comes to money making. These are some foolproof tips I've read and learn from various Instagram influencers that have earned their way to success through Instagram
    Marketing. I've already posted this and I'd like to share it again here.

    1. Interact with your followers by offering exclusive content.

    Build a relationship with your Followers to keep them coming back to your account by sharing information that only you can offer. Use Instagram to reveal special news that you haven't shared anywhere else. This will make your Followers feel special.

    2. Create a profile that is buzzworthy and represents your brand.

    This is one of the best strategies to turn followers into clients. Use high-quality images and be consistent with your style. Personalize your brand to make it more likeable. Don't forget to be authentic!

    3. Run contests for your followers.

    Come up with a cool contest that your followers will be interested to join in. Make sure you have an awesome prize within your target market. Include a voting element that will draw many contest participants.

    4. Encourage purchases by making shopping easy.

    Make use of many insta-shopping apps such as Like2Buy, Soldsie, LiketoKnow.it, and more.

    5. Learn about Instagram Marketing by reading materials and guides from the experts.

    There are plenty of guides that will help you through the basics of Instagram marketing up unto the more complex topics. Read through them and continue to know your way to the ins and outs of Instagram for business.
    Entrepreneur and Growth Hacker at Growthcasts.co
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    1. Start with writing a dynamite bio
    2. First impressions are important
    3. Posting etiquette
    4. Variety is always the spice of life
    5. Be creative
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