5 tricks to boost your Facebook engagement

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You toil for hours over the content of your posts. You work on your angles to take the ultimate picture to complement your post. You trial each filter to get the best light for your graphics.

All for what?


Engagement is the be all and end all for Facebook. We can post and post away as much as we like, but if we elicit no engagement from our fans, then something needs to change.

Engagement in the world of facebook equates to likes, shares, comments and clicks. Likes, shares, comments and clicks means your readers have benefited from your content. It inspired them, educated them, made them laugh or made them what to share with others. If you have one goal in mind for your social media - it is to elicit engagement from your fans.

Here's some key tips to help your chances of boosting your engagement:

Mix up your content
Trial with all sorts of content on your page - videos, photos, article links, text only, questions and surveys - give it all a go. Facebook has great insights at your disposal that allow you to track the effectiveness of your posts. Be sure to visit your insights often and see what is working best for you.

Get snappy
Working with your own unique images is always going to have more traction than simply sharing others'. Get snappy and build an image bank of your own that represents your brand. Don't be afraid to be unique and individual. See what other successful pages are doing, take what they do well on board and find your own style.

Include a good call to action in your post
If you are trying to lead your followers to your website, make sure your call to action is clear. A simple cut and paste of a link is not near enough. Include an incentive for them to click - to believe that a benefit is to be found by following through to your site.

Be relevant
If you are up-to-date with the news and events happening in your industry, be one of the first to share them with your fans. These posts are very likely to be shared as they are timely and relevant.

Embrace video
Video is great way to encourage engagement from your followers. Socialbakers found that videos embedded straight to facebook got 40% higher engagement than those uploaded to YouTube. This may be attributed to the fact that videos can be played straight from your news feed as opposed to being redirected away from facebook - we like to stay where we are.

Engagement is all about trial and error, so whilst you are trying to boost your stats - give everything a go. Keep checking those vital insights and see what works best for you.
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    oo wow I just commented on one of your threads complaining about lack of engagement on facebook!

    I am doing all this but I also came across this post somewhere (I read too much I forget where) that if loads of users have liked your page your engagement decreases. I have noticed that also.

    I am managing 3 pages on fb and the page with only 7000 users is the most engaging!
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    What an interesting post about 5 key tips which can help to boost a Facebook engagement. Thank you for sharing!
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    Make a great and catchy video they said, it will be fun they said... and they were right. In my opinion that's a one, modern way to show what you're up to and it's easier for people to catch up. Visual experience was always smoother to acquire.

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    This is informative. One more thing to remember, keep on trying new things. It does not matter if it screw up, you will learn the lesson and know what is going to work and what is not.

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    Engagement, for me, comes from engaging with other peoples content. Posting for engagement is one thing. Seeking content to engage with is another. What gets you the best results?
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    Thank you for the 5 great tips, i really see the mistake i am making in my facebook page now. i will put these tips into practice and i am looking forward with the result. thank again
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    Really very informative post for me. I'll follow all points which you described here.
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    Very good post. I've noticed that maintaining fan engagement on FB is becoming increasingly difficult. Then again, its getting noisier and noisier on there. That might have something to do with it also
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  • Thanks for the value
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    5 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Facebook Engagement

    1. Show Your Personality : Social media is just that social And everything you post for your business on Facebook should represent your organization's identity.

    2. Ask Queries : Asking your fans queries & using fill-in-the-blank threads are some of the simplest methods to get folks to interact with your posts.

    3. Use Pictures : If you're trying to get more engagement, pictures are great to tell stories easily and thereby get more visibility in the news feed.

    4. Give an Inside Look at Your Business: The good thing about using Facebook as a advertising tool is the way it lets you promote your business without showing overly promo.

    5. Use Your Followers Content : Social media is a sharing economy.Sharing is how we build relationships with followers & influencers and also give breaking news to our fans.So don't hesitate to share appropriate, helpful content from other enterprises who post in your niche.
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    Excellent thread and information. The call to action might be one of the most overlooked aspects of engagement. It's exactly like classroom management (for a teacher) - tell the students (or clients) exactly what you want them to do and they'll most likely do it.

    Also, another thing I picked up for engagement is to create surveys on your fanpage asking for the fans opinions. It's best to offer a free, small gift for their time (can be a coupon or something they would fancy), but having them involved with the process helps them feel special and like you value their opinions.
    Winning Facebook (Free) Marketing Strategies
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    Very nice post on getting more engagements on Facebook. I agree video is huge and it will only get bigger in the next couple of years.
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    Nice stuff,you have really shared some useful points for boosting Facebook engagement.
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