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How do you go about growing a facebook fan page for a niche site. how do i attract an audience, drive traffic, grow the page, get likers etc. are there gigs i can outsource of fiverr? how are you guys doing it? i have set up my facebook fan page for my niche site but i am completely lost on how to grow the page and get traffic..
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    The most important thing is what you post.

    Besides that you have to interact with your audience. Most of your posts should be very engaging, viral material even controversial so people will like share and comment.

    I am now sure there are gigs for creating content, and I assume they suck if there are. You are kinda stuck having to create the content but you can take a look at similar pages and see what they post.

    You should boost your good posts for $5. That can get you a lot of engagement.
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    The type of likes or followership will go along way in affecting the success of your fanpage.

    If you just want want likes to make your page popular, you may want to go the fiverr route but at your own detriment because the likes might just be cold likes but if you want likes from real people that have genuine interest in your brand, then you should not go the fiverr route.

    There are two main ways of increasing engagement and likes on a fanpage, they are the free method and the paid method.

    The free method is free, it is time consuming and built over time while the paid method is through is facebook ads. The result is instantaneous but you have to pay for it. You will lose your money if you do not know how to go about it. it takes time, practice and money to master the art.

    Check youtube for tutorials on how to grow a fan page and there are some free and good courses on udemy. If you want to learn about the paid ads type, you can check out Jerry Banfield either on youtube or udemy. He has some couple of free and extensive videos out there.

    Good luck
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    Getting started was never that easy. "Patience is a virtue" Getting your target audience's attention depends on the content of your posts. When composing the content of your posts, you should consider what the majority wants. Invite friends to like your Facebook fan page. Just make sure you don't do it mandatory 'cause there might be a big possibility that they will be irritated. God bless!
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