My First YouTube Penalty

by amro
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I just posted my first You Tube video and got my first You Tube Strike!

I made a review of a Dating Affiliate website I own, I included links to my Affiliate website and another link to one dating site( Affiliate Link) in the description field.....

So my video got removed and got penalty..."Video and Content Restrictions"

I think I got the penalty because of the term "If the main purpose of your content is to drive people off of YouTube and onto another site, it will likely violate our spam policies" in the YouTube community guidelines?

What is the type of content YouTube accept for affiliate linking?
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    Originally Posted by amro View Post


    What is the type of content YouTube accept for affiliate linking?
    Not dating websites apparently.

    They accept other niches though. There are tons of big channels that review gadgets, electronics or other products and almost all have affiliate links mostly to Amazon.

    Maybe dating could work to. If you make an informative channel that gives advice and just mention your website without overselling.
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  • its so sad

    Md Tanvir Zakaria

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    certain words would trigger red flags in youtube
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    I remember when I got mine via too many affiliate video posts

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