Which is the best & effective social media marketing tool??

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I know and using the few social media marketing tools like buffer and post crone. Any one suggest more effective and free social media marketing tools..
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    Why don't you try Facebook and Twitter? Besides being on top, these networks are also crowded with millions of potential customers. You can also get better responses because of its massive active members.
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    Facebook is still growing rapidly. Engaging in group conversations and offering good insight on certain posts will bring you a lot of free traffic - if you do it well
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    These are some best social media marketing tools
    Post Planner
    Bundle Post

    Do you want to get access to a simple method that will allow you to earn First Affiliate Commission ?Get the exact step-by-step method designed to transform you into a super affiliate!

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    Are you asking about social CHANNELS or social management tools? If you're talking about management tools, my new favorite scheduling and curating tool is an up-and-coming tool called SMhack. (Social Media Management Software | SMhack).

    The biggest differentiator SMhack has is it’s new feature that will integrate a Buzzfeed-type feed, within the interface, so you can actually curate content right there on the application. This feature will save so much time (which is why I wanted to work with the company and tell you about it). Hence, SMhack can help you schedule, post, curate and perform analytics/reporting.

    SMhack lets you schedule posts for both Facebook and Twitter. Their price is less than others, and they don’t limit you or charge you extra based on how many analytic reports you do/need (like Hootsuite does). The price you see is what you pay…no hidden fees (that's why I wanted to work with them and share this info with other people).
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    Try these social media marketing tools
    Social Rank
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    Social media is all about saturation automation and proxies if needed, I would go ahead and learn IMacros or Selenium browser automation if you wouldn t like to pay, but if the time is important for you there are great automation tools you can choose from.
    If you want to learn programming for automation there are a few languages you can start with. Java python Csharp etc...
    Python: is a scripting language and easier to learn, works with selenium too

    Csharp is a object oriented programming language not as easy as python programming but has way more features. ..

    PS: For those who dont know yet, Automation is basically letting the program do all the tasks for you such as logging into your facebook profile joining groups for you making your profile look active and so on
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    Social media marketing is an effective form of online marketing and all companies today should be using it if they want to get outcomes. Here are a few social media marketing tools that you can use to increase your business.

    Facebook - the Most Popular Social Media Marketing Website

    Twitter - Twitter is another good social tool and one that is fast and easy to use.

    Digg - Digg is the social bookmarking website

    Hub Pages - Hub Pages is a social content sharing website,It is a good way to increase your Google adsense income and of course get traffic to your website.
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