[Solved] How to unfollow Instagram followers that aren't following me back...

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Looks like there has recently been some changes to Instagram and the apps that I used to unfollow people that weren't following me back are no longer working.

Within Instagram itself it is possible to see a list of who I'm following, but it does not show whether these people are following me back or not.

What's now the best way to unfollow accounts that are not following me back?

Thanks for reading.
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  • Update: Android apps I've tried StatusBrew (paid), InstaFollow, Follow Back, and CrowdFire
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    It's manual. You're gonna have to look at all of them one by one, I suppose...
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    Crowdfire still works fine for unfollowing those that do not follow you back. It's the following function that was disrupted by IG's update.
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    According to Crowdfire you can use the paid version to unfollow people on Instagram. If you don't use the paid version you can still see who doesn't follow you but cannot unfollow from the app so you must do it manually.
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    I see the changes affected many of the iPhone apps I have and some I just deleted including instantsave which was great for saving pics off of instagram into your camera roll but anyway I see all my stored instagram accounts loaded into each app using instagram has dumped my accounts and I have to relogin one by one to restore them all. I did however relogin to a few of my favorites and see that I can see who isn't following me back and I can just click unfollow and it still works.

    Also you can use Instagress to automate following, unfollowing, liking and commenting and they now have a feature called unfollow all so you can unfollow more than those who don't follow back if you want.
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    I had done this only with help of programs. I tested a few of them, but zen-promo.com was the best. It uses special algorithms that unfollow these users as fast as the limits are allow to do it. You need this if you do not want to be banned.
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