Where can I learn how to know the ins and outs of Facebook marketing?

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So I getting to know face boon ads well, but when it comes to pixels, retargeting pixels ect it throws me off.
I was blessed to have a friend who has a group of likes on his Facebook to let me practice with his page and i barely got the ad that he wanted to work right without 95% of his help. I want to be able to master Facebook marketing and the modules i seem to be putting my money in to teach me, is only teaching me the basics or the videos were out dated.
Any information i can get, or step by step information i can get on this would help me so much!

Thanks for your time!
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    You need to do some research, I just went to duckduckgo.com

    and typed in:

    "Facebook marketing expert"

    and found about 3 links I would click on if I would be interested in that topic

    Personally I use different marketing model, thats just my problem, I dont have a secretary at
    the moment that could do it, but I will consider it in the next few months. Yeah, outsourcing is
    better in that case, I just like groups marketing because it is free, fast, and drives a lot of traffic.

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      thanks i never knew about that search engine that helped me a lot thank you!
      I've already learned so much!
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    Did you mean, the pixels of the pictures? Well, when it comes to Facebook pictures, Facebook actually lowers the quality of the photos. Regarding learning Facebook marketing, 1) know the basics- it will be your foundation throughout the process. You can't disregard the basics because we all start with it. Learning the basics will allow you to systematically learn the complicated ones. Also, try doing some research. It would help.
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  • I suggest you go get to DigitalMarketer.com and look into their $10 Facebook ad training it's very powerful, simple, and effective.
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