[Closed] Which Social Media Site is Best FB OR Twitter

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HI Sir,
FB and Twitter has very good competition but lots of people will say FB is nomber 1 social media site but in my point of view Twitter is Nomber 1 because its popularity in celebrity...

What is say
No 2 - FB
No 1 - Twitter

Your Point of view...
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    Both the platform are wonderful according to the niche of your business. Twitter is good for getting traffic towards your website if your targeted customers are belongs to high category whereas Facebook is good for branding and it assist to make your business a huge brand among your competitors.

    Decide your niche and start working on popularizing it in the social media sites.
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      I have a celebrity gossip news this is very useful information thank you
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    Depends really on the niche you are working with. Some things work better on Facebook, while others work better on twitter/tumblr...
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    Facebook is way better cause you can create groups which is more interactive or pages which is more reachable by your target client. You can also now use hashtags on facebook. I'm speaking based on my experience.
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    Both social media platforms have a large number of subscribers. It's up to you on how to utilize it to gain more followers or likers on your own page/account.
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    Originally Posted by satotravel View Post

    HI Sir,
    FB and Twitter has very good competition but lots of people will say FB is nomber 1 social media site but in my point of view Twitter is Nomber 1 because its popularity in celebrity...

    What is say
    No 2 - FB
    No 1 - Twitter

    Your Point of view...
    First of all celebrities Absolute #1 is Instagram not Twitter, and i know that to be fact
    because i do research on that.

    The Google traffic that goes to the top50 celebs is totally INSANE!

    I also been in the travel industry and my Twitter account sucked - Facebook: BRILLIANT!

    Also got a friend that is in travel, super traffic from FB, Twitter so-so.

    And as I said celebs: Only Instagram, the other two are not even half as good as Insta.

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    Both are sides of the same coin and we can't ignore anyone. The best way to take advantage of social networking is to use both Facebook and Twitter and treat each as a separate entity with the potential to reach markets in very different ways.
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    The effectiveness of each depends on the kind of business you run. It also depends on the user itself. If he/she finds facebook more comfortable and effective, he/she will definitely use facebook more often and otherwise.
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    It depends on which niche you are operating in, FB & Twitter might not be suit ti a certain niche, for examples 80% Pinterest audience is woman, so if you're in the weight loss niche, your primary social media would be Pinterest.
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    Facebook and Twitter are the senior class of social networks, outranking sites like Instagram and Google+. We’ve seen a good cope of other social media sites come and go over the past few years, but Facebook and Twitter have both stood the test of time. The secret,Their potential to pivot, change regularly and push social networking forward by catering to both people and promoters.

    For me it has to be Twitter! It’s given me more connections, more fun, more conversation and more business.Twitter is best because you can express your opinion a little better, and most of the time individuals don't bother you as much about it. Whereas on FaceBook almost everyone has something to say about everything you post.
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    If you do enough testing, some strategic planning and have the right amount of money to throw at it, Facebook will trump everything else.
    Buyral Media Web Marketing Services.
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  • Profile picture of the author Funtobesocial
    Facebook is king of social media. There is no doubt about that, but Twitter is very good at building organic growth. I love using both and they are both very effective if done right.

    My suggestion is to view your Google Analytics often and find which platform is working best for you and your niche. I also noticed that Pinterest is getting me some great traffic to my blog as well.
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    I am on gambling niche, and just recently my facebook page has been unpublished with 1990 followers on it. Unfortunately, Facebook will update their T&C anytime they want but they will never give you a warning or notification about it. It is good compared to Twitter because I've seen by followers grow however some things will just leave you hanging after giving all your time and effort..

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    I love Twitter. But I'd say both The reason is, post an article on your Facebook fanpage/group/etc and then promote it on Twitter with a link to your FB page, so people who are your followers will then click on your Facebook link and you'll be getting traffic from both platforms. Kill 2 birds with one stone
    Adnium buys and sells traffic specializing in Members Area.
    Skype me to find out more: ivana.gsmi
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    In my opinion celebrity is not the only option to use social media. I think Facebook is the best social media is all aspects. So my vote goes to Facebook.

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    This will definitely depend on who the target niche market is. Twitter is probably better for celebrity based themes or mega businesses that already have a huge following. For my niche, Twitter is not a great platform, but Facebook is. It hugely depends on where your target demographic frequents.
    Winning Facebook (Free) Marketing Strategies
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    I don't really care if it is Facebook or Twitter so long as I can post updates, pics and events. There are lots of opportunities in FB. You can create page and work for yourself. You can post updates to your page, groups or communities. On the other hand, Twitter only has his timeline where we can post updates. You know it when you feel it.
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  • IMHO Facebook is hands down more versatile and responsive in all aspects of marketing, if you are promoting correctly. Unfortunately Facebook will change their algorithm without notice but that's designed to keep marketers spending money on ads rather than learning to exploit holes in Facebook's algorithm.
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    Twitter is good for news and gossips but for traffic purpose i think you should go with facebook. Facebook give more traffic to you instead of twitter.
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    For me, both are good social platforms for any type of works we have own. And what i have done using with the help of facebook and twitter accounts is an important thing for me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Maria Jones
    In my point of view both social networking sites are good but facebook is the good social networking site for generating good traffic for any website. Now a days facebook is the most popular social networking website in all over the world.
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    Facebook and Twitter both are good platforms for promotion or getting traffic. But which one is best for you its totally depends on for which type of business do you have. For some business type Facebook is best and if you motive is getting visitors on your site or getting more traffic Twitter is best for you.
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  • Both are the winner of social platforms. In my opinion and experience Facebook has more potential to generate traffic but if your target audience is celebrities, I can say they are more active on twitter and Instagram now days.
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    In my opinion, no one can beat facebook till today.

    Because they spent the money that is greater than twitter.

    Having a strong server and never down, and the real population is very large.

    Twitter, people just tweet without dealing with other people, twetter very similar to fanpafge
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    In my point of view, it depends on what you want each of them to accomplish for you. To me, Facebook work well for me and that makes it number 1 to me.
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    Both are good for business growth and awareness. Moreover, it also depends upon your business that if you have B2B service/product then LinkedIn is very important for your business as you find good professionals over there like CEOs. If you have B2C service/product then FB and Twitter are good platforms for you. You can avail these services by hiring any reasonable resource as well that will be more useful to generate business leads as well for your business.

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    Originally Posted by satotravel View Post

    HI Sir,
    FB and Twitter has very good competition but lots of people will say FB is nomber 1 social media site but in my point of view Twitter is Nomber 1 because its popularity in celebrity...

    What is say
    No 2 - FB
    No 1 - Twitter

    Your Point of view...
    My point of view...

    Business: Twitter, Personal: Facebook.

    I know people who have taken the business links off of their Facebook profile as they don't see any value in it and have devoted their Twitter account to following their business associates.

    This answer will differ from person to person depending on the sector they're in but I much prefer the interaction you get on Facebook with friends and relatives but I do find it annoying how, on a business page, you can comment or like one photo and then you get hundreds of notifications from strangers who are all doing the same thing! Twitter is much better for 'fleeting' content and Facebook is better for real relationships.

    Just my humble opinion!
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  • Profile picture of the author Gifted Jay
    No doubt both are a good source to promote your site and earn traffics. But the fact is that most people make use of facebook compare to that of twitter. in order not to lose any, i would advice you to also make use of both.
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  • Profile picture of the author DavidGWelch
    I cant really choose the best network between those two, they are different things and they can be use for different goals in a Social Media Strategy, and both of them are massive communities with millions of people.
    I would say it depends on the case, if your target audience are old people then definitely you should choose Facebook over Twitter, but if you are aiming for millennials, you should definitely go for Twitter and even consider Snapchat.
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  • Profile picture of the author KellyRodriquez
    It will depend on your business what services you provide and what are your marketing goals. Both twitter and facebook are great for making a nice online presence and promote effectively.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dylan Barns
    I'd say both. FB & Twitter are very useful! Both of them are good social sources to promote offers, to grow your business. I think you just need to select the right social strategy to keep up effective promotional campaign.
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  • Profile picture of the author HazelWatson
    Both facebook and twitter are powerful tools for business marketing, both provide a different group of audience to target for your business.
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  • Profile picture of the author Isabella
    This topic has been discussed countless times in this forum. You can view this sticky thread about which social media is the best and other helpful links regarding social media marketing here:


    Message me about WarriorForum!

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