Does Social Media Marketing really help your Business?

by bvwall
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Everybody seems to be into Internet Marketing these days, but does it really work? There are so many aspects, that it can be quite difficult to keep track. And doing it effectively sounds like a job in itself. The main purpose of course, is to drive direct sales via e-commerce, but it is so all-encompassing that several aspects of it have nothing directly to do with sales. I guess this has to do more with the way we relate to the internet, how we use it and what we use it for.

With internet marketing being so wide and covering so many areas, the questions is what actually works and which areas are the best to for a newbie to focus on and which to ignore - at least for the time being.

Web marketing includes e-commerce websites, affiliate marketing websites, promotional or informative websites, online advertising on search engines as well as organic search engine results via search engine optimization.

E-mail marketing has to do with promotional and advertising via e-mail messages to customers, current and prospective ones.

Social media marketing deals with both advertising and viral marketing on different social media sites from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter among many more others available.
Under this entire web, e-mail and social media marketing strategies lies the little bit of tools that can be used to garner more customers. The how and what to put in the messages so as to attract internet browsers and convert them to clients is often the big deal when it comes to internet marketing, especially the wide spectrum of social media marketing.

The main idea behind any social media marketing tool used is to enable the customers to interact freely with your brand, ask questions and get answers where needed. Therefore, having a strong social media marketing plan is the key to any successful business out there and the only way to tap into the interests of an otherwise competitive market. It might be hard for a startup but in this digital age it is a must for any serious business out there.

Social media marketing is one of the biggest and most used forms of internet marketing that any business can employ. And it often relies on great creative content. This is actually the backbone to any marketing strategy out there. It is a necessity that will make you stay ahead of the game and eliminate competition in your industry. So it helps a lot when it comes to building your company's name and driving sales for more profits. Likewise, you should tailor the message in words that will resonate and appeal to your potential target audience.

Search Engine Optimization is also another tool that can sky-rocket your business and put its name in-front of most search sites like yahoo, Bing and Google. It often considers the type of keywords that people mostly use to search for information as well as the type of search engine preferred by most people.

Search Engine Marketing is also another tool great for social media marketing. It involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility on search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising. SEM may incorporate some of the content from SEO through rewrites of website content.

You can also use pay per click, an internet marketing tool used to direct traffic to websites. Here you will pay the publisher for the advert when it is clicked by users.

Affiliate Marketing is another effective tool that can drive sales to the business. Here the business is the one which rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Though sometimes overlooked as it carries a lower profile and captures a few online retailers, it plays a significant role in e-retailers marketing strategies.

Though this might seem a lot they all work so well especially when combined. It might be hard to employ one without the other. Great content will always attract more customers, so do discounts and free giveaways which you can always give through different social media sites.

Internet marketing is all about timing and precision, but with the target consumers in mind. The more you invest in this type of global marketing tool the more chances you stand of reaching out to almost everyone. And with the right tools in action, you will definitely make a huge impact both online and offline.

However, you should not just use social media for the sake of being social. Some businesses usually fail here as they think that just because they exist on the online social media scene, then their products and services sales will skyrocket. As much as being there helps, you need to put in as much effort as you would do if you were using alternative offline marketing tools. You still need to create connections, educate your audience and share your products and services as well as ideas. The more you spend expanding and adding information even if it is on a daily basis the more chances you get to remain relevant and it will pay off and make your online presence heard.

You should also not make social media marketing your own marketing tool. As much as it helps a lot, it should only be incorporated among other alternative forms of marketing both offline and online. The more you expand your options and stay in touch with these social media marketing tools, the more you help build your identity and brand name, thus creating a lasting relationship that might be hard to break in the long run.

In the end, social media marketing will always work regardless of the kind of business you are running. The figures will show that if implemented correctly, it can bring great success to your business.
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    Social media marketing is a form of web marketing that uses various social media networks in order to accomplish advertising interaction and branding objectives. Social media marketing mainly covers activities including social sharing of articles, videos, and images for marketing purposes, as well as paid social media advertising.

    Social media marketing can help with a number of desired goals, such as:

    1.Increasing website traffic
    2.Building conversions
    3.Raising brand awareness
    4.Making a brand identity and positive brand organization
    5.Improving interaction and conversation with key audiences.
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    Social Media Marketing is one of the finest internet marketing technique that will provide you a platform through which you can present the features of your business effectively and can leave a huge impact on the viewers of it.

    If you are about to branding, social sites are the finest of all. It covers all the sections and would help your business to reach out different people of the world of different ages quickly. In this platform you can share your blogs and products details as well which will help you to enhance your conversion with your audience easily.
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  • Yes!
    If you have a business and youre not on social media, in a way, its almost like you didnt exist, in fact, its highly probable that potential customers who heard about you in the street or through friends might look you in the networks they use, and if they dont find you that will be a sale you will be loosing.
    But its not just the sale, social media provides great opportunities to increase your brand awareness and online reputation.
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    Most of my Social Media success come from Facebook Ads... specifically with their retargeting feature. Think about it... after someone leaves your website without signing up to your newsletter or optin-ing to an offer, you've pretty much lost them forever. However with the likes of a tracking pixel you can retarget to them on FB!
    [Discover How To Get A Ton Of Traffic And Sales]: With Affiliate Marketing Secrets - FREE Course!
    Click Here To Learn More
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  • Yes, Social Media is best platform to market/promote your business now a days.
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    Yes, our social media marketing efforts are helping in number of ways such as
    Increasing website traffic
    Building trust
    Increase in brand awareness
    Better interaction wit clients and potential customers.
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    Absolutely and I can't understand why anyone wouldn't at least have a basic Facebook presence.

    Twitter and Instagram are a bit different as they're a bit more specilaized so whether or not they help your business really depends on the nature of your business and if that's the right medium for your target market. Facebook however is a different story.

    There are so few people these days without a Facebook account; teenagers right through to grandparents are all poking and liking nowadays so to not be a part of a forum which basically gives you access to everyone in the Western world doesn't make sense.

    Even if your potential customer doesn't sign up to your newsletter or visit your website, a business Facebook page at least gives you the OPPORTUNITY to engage with them if nothing else. On a higher level, you can target your marketing through Facebook to reach more specific members but even without that, just having presence can often be enough to gain someone's attention.

    The other thing, Facebook is sometimes the first place a potential customer will go to look for you and if someone does do a Facebook search and you're not there, their first question would probably be the same as mine. 'Why not?'

    It's free to sign up on Facebook, obviously any advertising will cost however it's well worth testing this and seeing if it works for your business.
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    Couldn't agree more. Why would you not have a social media presence when virtually everything nowadays happens on social media? Like it or not, it's the way the world runs and if we want to make headway, we need to be active on social media.
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    Social Media Marketing is very trending way now a days, it helps you to increase number of visitors to you website. It also helps you to getting leads for your business and build trust between your audience and your business(products or services). With Social media you can also promote your products or services and increase awareness about your services. Social media is also helps you to make your Online Reputation better. So using Social Media for your business promotion is helpful as well as beneficial to your website or business or blog.
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    Thus you can see how social media is everywhere. Event marketing through social media was a relatively new concept till a few years ago but now it has caught on like fire. Learning the tips and tricks of social media is also very important. If you are an event organizer, then you too need to master these techniques so that you can generate a fantastic response on the final day. At the end of the day, it is all about numbers.
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    With social media becoming more and more vital as far as marketing is concerned, it is important to use it a way so that it gives the maximum benefits. Be it a seminar, conference, exhibition or tradeshow, you to utilize the power of each social networking website in order to get desired results which in this case would be a great many attendees, potential customers, and higher sales in the long run.

    For B2B (business to business) clients, the ideal way to start promoting your event is via LinkedIn. You need to create a company profile and then post regularly. Keeping the profile active is very important. You can post relevant data such as topics of discussion, who the speakers are going to be the agenda of the entire program, and so on. Coordinating invitations and managing RSVP through the LinkedIn profile is much easier.
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    I understand your point, Web Marketing in general can be very frustrating sometimes, because you just need to be everywhere, you need to have a good SEO optimized web, a good email campaign, a solid presence on Social Media, and all of this can be very hard to manage sometimes.
    But I believe its just the way things are changing in our world, and the business that don´t adapt to this new rules can just get stuck and lose territory to new companies.
    As someone has already said in this thread, in these days, if you don´t have a good Social Media presence its almost as you dont exist.
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    Nowadays the active use of social media for marketing is essential, but it requires patience, since it's a long-term investment. It will certainly help to build up your brand and drive qualified traffic.
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    Yes, it can really help your business but more and more people don’t quite understand social media marketing. Thing is, being active and having social media accounts it’s really not enough to drive traffic and conversion. You need a plan, you need a strategy and you need campaigns.
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    Social media plays a crucial role in the success of my business. Social media helped me showcase my services online and let me build connection with my target audience.
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    Yes. Social media Marketing really helps your business. The best part is that it is free. Except you decide to outsource the process, which in it self will improve your chances, because you have someone who is dedicated to making sure you have an active social media profile on different networks.

    Social media marketing is free viral traffic if you know how to work your target audience with great marketing campaigns.
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    Social media is the best way to promote your business, it helps your business increase sales, advertise your business to consumers rapidly and easily. Moreover, you can implement research market on social media to adjust your business according to the right way.
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    Social media marketing is one of the best and fastest ways of promotion, it is cost effective and thus could be your first choice to start promotion.
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    Another yes here. I fully agree social media is the best possible way to promote a business. I just have to master it!
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    What I LOVE About Using Social Media is that it gives you the opportunity to really connect with people and build a relationship with them. I am an extremely social person so it totally makes sense to me to use Social Media and gives me the opportunity to connect people to people. It works extremely well for service based businesses, any business really, as long as you are using it to find out what people's needs are and provide them with the solutions.

    Nothing drives me more crazy then when I first connect with someone on facebook and they immediately try to pitch me.

    It is also a great way to find joint venture partners and be able to work collaboratively with people and not in competition.

    Grab A Copy of My Free Handbook: "How to Create A Rockin' First Impression On Instagram!" >>>

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    Social media marketing is the fastest and the most effective way of marketing a business.
    Every social media platform offers various opportunities and outstanding features to communicate with your target audience.
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    Yes Social media provide good traffic for your website with help of promoting your website on Facebook, twitter and Google +
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    Social media is very important for driving the potential clients to your website. To increase the business , the first thing you need are clients. Different companies use advertisement for increasing their business. But advertisements in the websites cost too much. Or you can contribute in blogs and post articles about your website to increase your marketing.
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