How to benefit from 70 million customers of SlideShare?

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One of the fastest growing social media portals is SlideShare that has reached a phenomenal number of 70 million users! For those who are uninitiated, SlideShare is a platform that allows sharing presentations. Businesses and individuals can use it efficiently to make and share presentations and increase the traffic on their content.

I’ll tell you how it can be done, but before that let’s look at some of the key points of SlideShare.

It’s an efficient tool to share your presentations.

Uploading a presentation on SlideShare makes it accessible to 70 million viewers.

Most popular presentations of the day are listed on the first page.

SlideShare has an Alexa ranking of 160, which means it’s the 160th most visited site on the internet.

Links to external sources cannot be added in the presentation’s description but can be added inside a presentation.
Now that you know some of these ground rules, let’s look at how you can leverage the reach and user penetration of SlideShare to your advantage.

Title, description and structure

Begin your presentation with an attractive title and description. These are the first things that a visitors notice. Unless the presentation has an attractive title and an intriguing description, they wouldn’t bother to go through your presentation. Hence, the first step is to have a title and description that will portray your rest of the presentation as a useful content.

A title that is unique and easy to remember will draw more visitors to your presentation as well as increase the number of repeat visits as it will be easier for the users who have visited earlier to locate your presentation on the website.

Next is to decide the structure of the presentation. Remember, it’s a presentation and not a regular descriptive content like a blog or an article. Keep your sentences short and simple. Make them as bullet points to give snippets of information.

Quality of the presentation
Now, it’s a no brainer. Anyone who has even a bit of knowledge of content marketing would know the importance of the content. A presentation on SlideShare is nothing but a content and therefore, it’s important that you give due attention to its quality while uploading it.

There are however few subtle differences between a content for say a blog and the presentation on SlideShare. For a blog content, using a bit of controversy or sensationalism works. But, when it comes to SlideShare presentation, it’s better to keep it a little more sober and succinct. Don’t keep on elaborating your content in the slides. Instead, just post few useful nuggets linking the presentation to your blog.

Remember, SlideShare is visited by a very specific type of user base who prefer useful and relevant information instead of elaborate explanations. Post only relevant content in short sentences on your SlideShare presentation. If users are interested in more information, they will click on the links to your content, if you add them to the presentation.

Now that’s one of the most important aspect of content marketing and SlideShare is no different either. Be careful while selecting the keywords. The success of your content depends on it. Do some good research while identifying the right keywords for your content and also include them in your SlideShare presentation.

Inserting long tail keywords in SlideShare is highly useful and will do the trick to make your presentation rank high in the search results. Using long tail keywords in not just the content of the presentation but also in its description and title will work excellently for your presentation and by giving it a higher ranking.

Addling links and URL to the site

As I’ve stated earlier, SlideShare doesn’t allow adding a link to the description of your presentation. The way to circumvent this problem is to add the link to the main content of the presentation. Here, there are two things that can be done to get the best of the results. One, is to add a link and make the sentence containing link so attractive that people will click on it. However, that doesn’t guarantee a link. It’s also possible that several visitors who skim through your content instead of reading it might skip the link.

The solution to this issue is to directly specify the URL of your website. And, preferably the complete URL instead of the shortened URL. It’s a psychological factor that people, when they see a complete URL instead of a shortened one, they would click on it. However, if the URL is too long, it’s better to use it as a link.

Promoting the presentation

Now that your presentation with an attractive title and description and useful content is ready and you have inserted the right keywords, links and URL, it’s time to promote it.

There are four effective ways to promote your presentation – on social media, website, forums, and email list.
Promote the presentation on the SlideShare through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Pinterest is an excellent medium for promoting contents such as presentations. Share it with the other users in your network or the various pages where you are a member.

Make the presentation from SlideShare directly visible on your website, and insert the link of the website inside the presentation of SlideShare. It will help build a backlink between the website and SlideShare and will help improve the search engine rankings.

The third method is to participate in discussions on forums where you can provide the link to the SlideShare’s presentation and encourage other forum members to visit it.

The fourth method is to share the link of the presentation with your email list and ask them to discuss on the topic.
These four methods will slowly but surely help improve the SlideShare presentation’s ranking.

I would like to invite you for a discussion and more inputs. I have specified the points which I thought are useful. Your inputs will only help all of us improve our knowledge of how to use SlideShare efficiently to build our online brand.
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    Thanks for the post!

    I am a bit of an info junkie when I get in research mode and for years visiting slideshare I just do not remember ever even once getting some quality info.

    Maybe that is just weird luck. Everything is true about the links and traffic and visitors tho.



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    LOL I thought for a moment this would be a DurableOil post....

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      Really wish they would piss this crap off the main board and put it in the off topic
      Why..this is a very good post and it's an internet marketing post. I really don't understand why you think it should be in the off topic section.

      Please don't tell me that you see the title of the post and then got mad because it requires time and effort to use it?

      That can't possibly be the reason...right?
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    Great post! I have heard many times about Slide Share but never tried to use as traffic generator. As you described how is it possible to have visitors I will have a try.
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