Have you used tried split testing with dark posts on Facebook?

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For advertisers, using Facebook's ad feature can be rewarding but it can also mean a lot of planning. It is all about choosing headlines that will get better clicks and figuring out what would work best for a diverse set of audiences. But advertisers don't have to use their gut. Facebook has an interesting feature to help advertisers do a split testing of their posts. It helps them figure out which post works best for different sets of audience groups. And advertisers can do that without cluttering their timeline with 'test posts'?

What is a Facebook Dark Post?
A Facebook Dark Post is basically a promoted post that remains unpublished to your timeline. It will appear only in the Newsfeeds of the select target audiences. In the past, your only option was to have your different posts for different audiences ( one for males with interest in golf, one for males with interest in cricket, one for males with interest in football ) and have all of them clutter your Facebook page. This confused the reader. He did not know why he was being shown so many unrelated posts. And that even had the unwanted consequence of getting readers to unlike your page. With the Dark Post option, you can make sure that your post will appear only in front of the select audiences without ever appearing on your Page's timeline.

How to Use the Dark Post Feature
Using the Dark Post feature involves using Facebook's Power Editor.
1. Open up Facebook's Power Editor
2. Create a new post and select the radio button labeled 'Unpublished Post'
3. Fill out all of the fields such as the headline, call to action, etc. to create your post,
4. Upload all of your changes and then exit the editor
5. Open up your ad manager and select the post you wish to promote, and use the options to advertise it in front of specific audiences
6. Choose an advertisement package and you are all set

How to Make Dark Posts Work for You
· Before you finish uploading changes to your posts, make sure that you have previewed how it appears on both desktop and mobile
· Use different click bait headlines for similar audiences to see which one is more effective
· Use multiple ads for different audience groups over a week to effectively determine which type of ad works best for your specific audience.
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