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Which type of Social Media marketing is better?

1) Free

2) Paid
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    Both free and paid advertising is important in its own way. On social media such as facebook and twitter, you can promote for free by sharing quality content, still you can take help of facebook ads and another paid promotions to enhance your reach by the highly targeted approach.
    What works best will depend on your budget and marketing goals.
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    Definitely paid media... e.g., fb ads - quicker results and more targeted; not to mention the the ability to retarget, and create lookalike audiences. The possibilities are endless with fb ads. Keep in mind, you spend an awful lot of time with free methods which yields slower results. But if you have more time than money... go for it!!
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    Paid, you hardly get any reach for free, and if you want to become big and get followers you will have to spend money. Targeted Facebook ad can get you sales. Boost on Facebook can get you likes.

    Instagram ad can get you clicks on an app or your landing page.

    Free marketing may include posting in several groups but it's really hard drive traffic or sales from there. If you're just starting then go for free learn how to talk to people and get them to follow you or page, you will learn a lot.

    But keep in mind paid is how you can grow and which will get you in position to earn money
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    Free will take time to give you result, i think you must go for paid if you have some budget...
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    Both have their advantages and disadvantages. I advice you to do both. It will really help you generate more traffic. It's like having two horses in a race. More options and strategies, more chances to rank and get better responses.
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    Using both free and paid types of social media marketing would help to reach more audience, creates a whole new army of royal brand followers, and generate favorable results and actions of the highly target audience.
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    The website's growth is important. If its paid or free both the way can helpful to bring the real traffic to your website. Personally, better if you can possible to go with both the way.
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    Both type of marketing are effective. But to get first and targeted traffic Paid ads is more effective than free.

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    Originally Posted by active007 View Post

    Which type of Social Media marketing is better?

    1) Free

    2) Paid
    Paid. There is so much content on social media these days that it isn't possible for a user to see it all. Social media platforms are a noisy place and paid marketing helps your voice get heard. It also gets results much faster than free marketing.
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    Social Media Marketing is very beneficial to your website or business promotion. Both are ways good, you can able to your free or paid social media marketing both are gives you excellent result if you used them properly. The marketing is free or paid it totally depends on the promotion budget that you had or how fast you get result from social media marketing.
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    Both are important and needed nowadays. And of course with paid advertising you'll have your results quicker than with free one.
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    Both are Important now a days
    Free marketing is better in my opinion but paid marketing is more effective than free marketing.
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  • It kinda depends on what your social media goals are. It's important to do both. You need free social media to know which post has a good chance of performing well. And to get the most out of paid social media advertising, make sure your post is already performing well before you start putting in serious money on it.
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    Off-course paid social media marketing yields good results. You can show your ads to a group of people. But again the question is about the conversions i.e. likes and followers. It is not necessary that you will get sure likes and followers from paid ad services because internet is an independent platform.
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    Both are good! If you can get people interested and engaged whether it is paid or free that is a good thing.

    Paid will get you much faster results and will be super effective when done right. If you target the right audience and have effective ads it is amazing how great the results can be.

    Free takes longer, but if you can get results with free social media marketing that is great because it means your audience likes your content and trusts you.
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    Lot's of spam with facebook.
    People click even most often unintentionally.
    There is very low conversion on facebook.

    I will suggest twitter for paid ads.
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    All are based on your business, you have a lot of techniques to increase your traffic source then move go with free type otherwise you can move onto paid type. Because both are different types of social media marketing.
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    Both are good, I think you should combine both ways in each stage and in each campaign. It's totally base on your business and your need, your budget...

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    The future of advertising is clearly in paid social media campaigns. I recommend combining both organic and paid social media campaigns to achieve the best results.Knowing your target market and your audience is key to getting both organic and paid social media campaigns right.
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  • Free and Paid both are effective for get traffic.if you don't have extra budget then you can go with free social media marketing techniques.
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    Social media marketing is an effective way for any website, it is useful for promoting your website all over the world because social media sites are the hub for people all over the world and here you can promote any brand, product or website, it will definitely compel the user to click on the product which represents them in a different style.

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    Originally Posted by active007 View Post

    Which type of Social Media marketing is better?

    1) Free

    2) Paid
    Both are good in its own way but to get quicker and targeted results you would have to go with the paid one.
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    I'm beginner but i can tell you somethings . Paid is more Fast to have More traffic and more revenus , you can use Facebook Ads is more usefull
    For free i advice you to create Page in facebook is free and share it in groups is usefull too , but don't use autopost for groups because your facebook will bloc your account .
    so do it manually
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  • You should start with free marketing with Facebook page, Twitter #tags as this step will provide you the exact idea of market trends and the amount of budget you should use!
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    It depends, but generally paid can you get you data much, much faster!
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    Originally Posted by active007 View Post

    Which type of Social Media marketing is better?

    1) Free

    2) Paid
    Free hardly gets any results because it is difficult to advertise to a targeted audience. But Facebook ads can be expensive if you don't know how to reach people in your particular niche.

    Personally, I believe the best paid method of advertising is solo ads. You can go to a site like udimi(dot)com, or find solo ad sellers on Facebook, (I've used them).

    You can then get the solo ad seller to send your ad to their list of subscribers. Pick a solo ad seller who has a list of subscribers interested in your particular niche. I have found that this method produces much better results and at a much cheaper cost.

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    Both free & paid social media marketing are helpful. Just need to know your target audience. With paid traffic, you receive more results compare to free traffic. But if you have low budget then I prefer Free traffic.
    There are many techniques to increase your website traffic with free social media marketing.
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