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Countless Facebook business pages out there have tons of likes. That's great and all - I mean we all want to see that number consistently creep upwards. But does it actually even mean anything? What does a LIKE get you? Aside from credibility -- demonstrating you've likely got a good reputation -- it doesn't account for much.

The real goal with any social media campaign, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, is to get people to ENGAGE. To actually say something! It turns out, people view this as quite a commitment and you've really got to give them something special to push them to type out even a three-worded comment.

So this post today is meant to compile a few really great tactics that are widely used by companies with strong social media engagement levels. There's always the obvious choice -- to Boost your posts or do some form of advertising, but I'm aiming to look at organic and natural options.

Create something special that will push them to action.
Many small businesses have done this very successfully and even had their campaigns go viral. For example, you could create a campaign based around doing charity work. Ask your customers to post a picture of themselves and tag you while out doing their charity work -- once you get a certain number, you could make a donation or even do a draw. Sometimes you don't need to offer anything and people will just love the idea and want to be a part of it.

Offer incredible discounts or flash sales that include a strong CTA.
People will get really excited by crazy deals, particularly when they can get an item they want for $5 or $10. Promoting your sale along with words like "If you want to see more deals like this, comment HELL YEA! and go claim your $5 shirt!" Not everyone will follow your instructions of course, but many of them will. Plus, you'll sell a ton of shirts!

Ask a questions that overlays an eye-capturing image.
Posing questions is a great way to boost engagement, but it's got to be done the right way to get noticed. An eye-capturing image that grabs attention is the first step. Then, you need a really great question -- one that people will have strong opinions on and want to answer. It's not super easy to come up with these questions, so just try think about your customer base and what issues would be near and dear to their hearts. This is also an opportunity for your company to take a stance on a particular topic and show the world what your beliefs are.

Get personal with your client stories, or behind the scenes of your business.
People love seeing personal stories or getting behind the scene action from businesses. Showing pictures of happy clients, success stories, cute babies to pets, will often get plenty of reaction. Just make sure you open the door for commenting -- include an image, a personal story and finish with a question, like "Aren't they just adorable?" or "Isn't she incredible? Show some love!"

Come up with something absolutely hilarious.
Humour goes a long way on the internet and it gets a huge percentage of all the comments and shares that happen across social media. While some businesses may struggle with this, just try to be creative. Not everything you do on social media needs to be directly connected to your business. Often, coming up with something that your target audience would funny is all it takes. For example, if you sell something geared towards parents, there are countless cartoons you could complain about, or memes related to motherhood, that would get a great response when positioned the right way.

Don't be shy with sharing your own stuff.
Don't forget about your own personal network. You can share your business stuff through your own personal page, and so can your friends and family. Don't be shy about asking for support on this, because often, someone just needs to start the ball rolling. Once others see comments and shares, they are more likely to do the same.

Start posting videos.
Videos are huge right now, and their leverage will just continue to grow. Whether you're filming your own, or sharing someone else's that you think your target audience would love, make sure video is a part of your strategy. People are more likely to share and react to videos, and that means more people will be seeing your brand.

Post about news or trends.
People love to talk about current events and things happening on the news. Sharing something that just came out from the local or national news station, with your own personal thoughts that finish with a question, is a sure fire way to increase engagement. This isn't something you can plan, but jump on the opportunity whenever it arises.

Create and share content that is insanely valuable.
Easier said than done, I know, but when you create something that people instantly get excited about, and then you give it to them for free, you are going to get a reaction. This could be something like a free eCourse or eBook, or even a guide that is published on your blog. Either way, give people something they perceive as valuable and they will often share it, and hopefully thank you for it.

Host a Facebook contest.
Everyone loves free stuff. Giving away something for free that people get excited about will guarantee a huge amount of shares and Likes. It doesn't always have to be business related either -- a gift basket or even free movie tickets. Be careful though to follow Facebook's guidelines on this -- they do have some best practices they expect you to follow.

Crowdsource answers and information from your audience.
While asking thought-provoking questions is always great, you can take this to the next level by implementing some social listening through polls or voting. You can give people the option to name your next product, or ask questions on how you can do better or improve. This is win/win, because you're getting engagement and valuable insight from your customers.

What else can you add to this list?
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    Thank you for so positive and useful information! I will use it in my buisness)
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    This is awesome Thanks so much for taking the time 7 the effort to write all these tips up! Definitely agree with the tip: "Come up with something hilarious" - people LOVE memes and they love to respond to humour & get a convo going!
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    Skype me to find out more: ivana.gsmi
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    Wonderful information.

    This is a remarkably distinct occurrence - getting tons of likes vs. engagement. I write about this in my ebook that I'm editing. I was shocked to see many pages with over 100K likes but barely anyone commenting at all. Whereas other pages had much less likes, but posts were flooded with comments.

    So long as you get at least 500 likes on your page, that should be sufficient. Of course you should always strive to improve the number, but it shouldn't be the primary focus. Getting people to comment should, which is a lot harder than it appears to be on Facebook btw.

    This article gives fabulous ideas. Quotes and memes definitely hook people in on social media. They have a picture, are short with text. My strategy to get high engagement on my page is through contests and monthly themes.

    If anyone is interested in reviewing my Facebook Marketing Ebook (How to get high engagement and likes), feel free to message me before Monday, June 20th.
    Winning Facebook (Free) Marketing Strategies
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    Sharing videos and other visual content can bring a lot of engagement and help you get more comments on your posts and more visitors.
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