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Today, in the 21st century, it's nearly impossible to find anyone who isn't aware of common social media applications such as Instagram or Snapchat etc. However, it is due to all the attention that social media gets that it's prone to some heavy criticism. Honestly, if you're worried about that then you might as well never leave home! Whether you're social or anti-social, you will interact with people. Interaction with others can increase this risk too since, let's be honest, you can't be sure who you're dealing with. Which leaves us to wonder: is social media more useful or more detrimental?

Instagram and Snapchat:
Launched in October of 2010 and April of 2012, respectively, Instagram and Snapchat have evolved today in 2016 as some of the most commonly used social networking sites. Their format and use might be different, but both of them are operated under the same principle - photo sharing.
In reference to the risk mentioned above, photo sharing might be considered as the most risky thing to do on the Internet. However, there are other ways to interpret photo sharing and that is the primary topic of this article. Whether these are useful or not?

With reference to these two particular social-networking sites, photo sharing is basically considered as a means of communication of some sort. When you upload an image or a video, you're basically showing people what you've been up to.
• For Instagram: You can either have a public or a private account. You can upload pictures or videos (of up to 45 seconds). They don't necessarily have to be of yourself, they can be of your dog or some celebrity you like (or not) etc.
• For Snapchat: Snapchat is relatively different in the sense that you upload 'stories'. These stories are uploaded on a daily, weekly, monthly basis all depending upon you.

The brighter side of photo-sharing:
Honestly, being an avid user of social media myself, I sometimes get incredibly frustrated at how someone only discusses the bad side of social media. Everything can be used for good or bad, depending upon the person who uses it.
• If you're scared that someone might misuse your images then you can always change the settings in Snapchat or Instagram to make your profile available to a limited audience. However,when you're working in fields such as photography etc, then it's better for you to open your profile to the general public in order to promote yourself.
• No one would deliberately upload an image or a video for it to be manipulated into something that it's not, sometimes people upload images or videos to shoe other people things that have been going on in their lives. For example; if you're on a trip abroad and your family and friends want you to send them pictures of your trip, you can't just individually send all of them pictures (you can but it's too much effort). You can just as easily upload one image on Instagram or send one over at Snapchat to show everyone.
• It opens up connections whether personal or professional. Let's be honest, in today's world your basic means of communication is social media. Hence, this is where you meet new people or reconnect with old friends. It's only because of social media that people are able to keep in touch with someone they wouldn't have had otherwise. Now, the creators of snapchat and instagram created this version of their applications - something to promote. They wouldn't have started a business based on the risk of something bad happening. In fact, you can't even save images on these sites! Wrong people just snapshot them. In this case, you need to realize that it isn't all bad nor was it based on something bad. This is just how you perceive it.

The darker side of photo-sharing:
As mentioned above, everything can be used for good or bad. Similarly, instagram and snapchat can be used for bad as well (hence the 'risk'). Following are a few of the ways in which these applications can increase you to risk:
• In professions such as modeling or photography, people can easily copyright your images without your knowledge and use it for their own gain. In such professions, your profile is open to the general public to promote yourself. However, people are quick to use this as an opportunity to take advantage of someone for their use.
• Not everyone you connect with is bound to be a good person you can trust. People can manipulate your trust and make you do things you know you shouldn't. I find it incredibly unfair that these people are referred to as 'stupid'. The difference between right or wrong is clear to everyone, but some people can actually manipulate you into changing your entire view of things. In these cases, you need someone else there to show you the right view. However, whom can you trust online?
• It sometimes opens up room for feelings besides pride and happiness for others. I've actually seen this happen for myself when one person shows the world how amazing their life is and thus expose themselves to negativity from people who are just so bored with their lives that they think they can invade in another's.

Personally, I think that Instagram and snapchat aren't bad things to be avoided out of fear. If you don't like the format or the idea, that's another story. However, if you're scared of the risk then you need to know that everything in life comes with almost a billion risks.

To be cautious is different than to be afraid. To be afraid means to lock yourself up and never set foot outside into the real world. If you're young, I'd suggest keeping what you do only available to a limited audience. If you're an adult, do whatever you want to! Just know to be careful.
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    I love using both Instagram & Snapchat! To me they are the two most fun platforms to use.
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    I have a business Instagram account and a personal one. (While I have signed up, I have not yet tackled Snapchat).

    Yes, I do agree with you that social media is a contentious topic and has a bad reputation. There have been many cases in the media recently of cyber bullying that have led to some very sad outcomes. I believe these incidences have given social media a bad name and have made some people afraid of social media, particularly for business.

    Although these incidences that occurred are challenging I do believe that a business would suffer if social media was not used as a marketing tool. Using social media the way it was designed can benefit businesses. It allows the customers to be up to date with new services, products or deals. It is a quick and efficient way to get in contact with the business, not to mention cost effective and simple to use.

    I like Instagram because as you mentioned it is sharing photos so the photos that I post are messages that are intended to be short, sharp and creative. The form of communication is different from other media sites such as Facebook. It allows you to engage with your customers, share things and communicate with them. It doesn’t always have to be a platform for selling but it can be used as a way to speak with your customers.

    Thanks for your post.
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    Great post. I just got into Snapchat recently and have only used it a few times so far but both Instagram and Snapchat are very popular lately and so is Vine. Your post motivated me to get on Snapchat more so I can get used to it so will do that so I can learn it inside and out and see what the marketers are doing on there. I see that the shoutout/promo business that is huge on Instagram is also getting very big on Vine so I am curious to see what kind of marketing is going on on Snapchat.
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    Thank you for useful information. I want to try using snapchat for my buisness. Tell me some secrets, please)
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    I've known about instagram since its inception but I never really invested heavily in it. However snapchat is a different story, heh get it? I find that the time sensitive nature of snapchat gives it an edge over instagram in many ways.
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      Originally Posted by Matt Herich View Post

      I've known about instagram since its inception but I never really invested heavily in it. However snapchat is a different story, heh get it? I find that the time sensitive nature of snapchat gives it an edge over instagram in many ways.
      Have you been paying attentino to what Russell Brunson is doing with He's been interviewing tons of people that have killer snapchat accounts.

      You might find value.

      By the way I don't benefit in any way providing you with that link. Just wanted to help you out.
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    Good Article Thnx A Lot .
    But i really need some Tips Or Tools To Have More trafic from Instagram , Because i Work Like a Developper for mobile Apps .
    Thnx for reply
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    I've seen this video of a man on facebook who said to have sold the snapchat app for a million dollars? Is that true??

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    No doubt Instagram is one of the best apps for photo sharing, it's a wonderful platform for artists to promote their skills.
    I use Instagram and snap chat both. Snap chat is fantastic selfie app, you will find awesome photo editing features and filters to make your picture look great.
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    I personally like Intagram to watch vides and learn. Statistics shows that marketers value social media marketing-especially visual marketing more highly than ever before. Visual content is an increasingly essential tool on traditional platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 92% of marketers have been up taking using visual based platforms such as Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. That is why marketers are thinking about shifting their content strategy towards original visuals and videos to engage audiences.

    - See more at: Why Marketers Turning Towards Instagram and Pinterest | Newark Wire
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