I have a Facebook fan page with 60,000+ followers

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I have a Facebook fan page with 60,000+ followers, what can i do to monetize it. I want to start a teespring thing going BUT I want it to look professionally marketed not just a web link to the shirt. If any warriors have any tips on what i can do or are interested in a joint venture please let me know. The facebook fan page is with the Golden State Warriors NBA Basketball team. If you want a link please let me know.
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    I'm with a CPM network buuut I have a few friends & colleagues who monetized their own FB pages so I can give you some quick pointers based off of what they tried

    First it's a good thing you picked a niche - the basketball team - because it will be easier for you to convert something people are coming to your page that they're fans of anyway! However many fans don't come on FB to buy anything...

    BUT Facebook has great targeting options to attract the target demographic you're looking for so you're gonna have to be somewhat creative in monetizing your page's fans.

    One of my friends uses his page to sell sports t-shirts through Amazon and their affiliate marketing program..

    Another has a health related blog to go along his wellness FB page where he posts links to his blog's articles daily which drives people to click on his webpage and he also uses CPA emailing methods (he has a landing page on his website where people sign up for his newsletter) and affiliate linking (as well as backlinking) on certain words (which takes people to an online store much like amazon where when they purchase said items - ie coconut oil - he gets a % of sales going to him)

    If your FB page gets even more popular with likes, you could also advertise other people's products on your page (where they pay you to advertise their stuff) much like what you see is happening on Instagram...just be careful that a) the stuff you're promoting is legit b) has something to do with your page's niche and c) don't spam your page with pure advertisements - that will turn people off and you could potentially lose the loyal following you've built up.

    That's what come off the top of my head I'm sure you'll get more insight from other season FB advertisers but I just wanted to get the ball rolling! Good luck!
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