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Looking for some advice in a few different areas of Facebook, Pinterest & Others...

I want to focus on delivering viral posts for the Gadget / cool products / must have niche. Obviously building up my fan page would be 1st thing to do. Once that is built I know that even then only a fraction of members will see a post. Is boosting a post worth it to get new fan page likes as well as shares for that post?

Also lets discuss the best way to deliver a viral post such as the image sizes, amount of images, wording, etc..

I would like to master this process as it will be a daily task.

Next, any advice for gaining the viral effect on Pinterest or Twitter? Does it all involve putting money into each post or are there also free methods that will get me close to what I am aiming for "viral" so that shares/tweets/repins etc... continue to happen for days.
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