How can I generate leads on my social media?

by jim11
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I have a crowdfunding project in kickstarter but I don't know how to properly use social media to generates sales on my campaign any feed back will much appreciated thank you.
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    I don't really know anything about crowdfunding, but I suggest running paid Facebook ads.

    If you want to do it free, then hashtagging key words on Twitter could help.

    Also, get people sharing your posts on Facebook.


    Let's connect on Facebook because it's always good to meet fellow marketers. Send me a friend request:

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    "Social media is a smart sales tool only if it is your customers and prospects using social media. It is your customers are spending your time elsewhere, a huge waste of your time."

    But if you learn they are indeed using popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you need to determine which space is best for connecting and interacting with them.

    Facebook: Create a Facebook group related to your product or service and invite prospects to join

    Twitter: find people who are talking about your industry or using related keywords.Then comment on their posts, re tweet them, answer a question or share something they say. By contributing to their conversation you add value to their network

    LinkedIn is the appropriate platform for sales of business-to-business products or services

    Build relationships: People share a lot of information, and if you monitor and listen, you can tell the prospect how your product or service might be something they want or need.
    Set S.M.A.R.T. goals
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    For me, Facebook ads have worked pretty well for a few of my projects. I know they're not free but if you optimize your Ads campaign a bit, it wouldn't cost too much and you would get some decent results.
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    Post links to your kickstarter project, but add some cool content on why people should click on the link.

    Doing some Facebook ads will help drive traffic to your kickstarter project. If you don't want to spend much just start with some small budget testing to find out what is working. Start with $5 or $10 total and adjust the target audience and ad as needed. It might work or it might not, but put a little money in to see if it does.
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    Best would be to target users with ads that are related to your product (It would be better if you listed what product is that so that best solution could be given on an instant).

    Always focus more on your target audience cause if you fail on that then the whole campaign would be on a loss.
    Never listed any campaign over kickstarter so unsure if they will allow you to track paying leads or not for that what you can do is either send the users from facebook to an optin landing page and then send them to your product.
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    Generating leads through social is super easy.

    1. Networking. Add people and share relevant info with them via your private account on social websites;

    2. Content is the King. It's good if you share 70% of valuable content and 30% of promo content;

    3. Blogging. If you have a website it's a good idea to share relevant articles on your business topic. People appreciate everything new and fresh ideas;

    4. Try to follow and post to most relevant social media websites and communities;

    5. Commenting on relevant articles on the web with the link to your profile/website.
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    You can try running Facebook Advertising and:
    Use Promoted Posts to highlight quality content from your Facebook Page or your website
    Share a link to your latest contest
    use a signup form that reveals the content on your website
    gather leads from your community on Facebook.
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    Social media is best to generate leads for your business, boost website traffic and increasing brand awareness.
    Few ways you can use social media to generate leads for your business.
    Participate in Twitter chats
    leverage LinkedIn Groups
    Use facebook ads
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    -Create a video that will help your audience understand the value of your kickstarter product and post it on youtube. Make sure the videos appeal to your target market's emotions.

    -Create an incentive pack for your early contributors.

    -Create a facebook/Instagram account and post images, updates on your product to help get people engaged on your kickstarter project.
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    Make sure your offer has a compelling and unique selling proposition. Before the launch of your product, blog about topics related to your product. Capture emails by providing free guides your target is interested in at the bottom of the blog post. Later, you can send emails offering rewards to the first backers of your kickstarter project. Also reach out to relevant journalists/bloggers who have written about related kickstarter products.
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    There are the plenty ways you can generate leads to your business by adding posts, shares it into niche groups or communities, want to chat for the peoples who are looking niche services/products.....
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    You have a great market because everyone wants to be apart of something (like a club or group). If I were in your shoes right now, I (1) would get a list of fan pages and interests of people I believe would buy my product/offer. For example, if i want to target business owners, I could target business magz (You know your perfect customer better than I do).

    (2)Then create a fan page, slap some content on there related to your offer, and even do some type of countdown everyday to promote your kickstarter. (3) create a FB leads (use the lists and interests from step 1) ad and capture peoples info, then send them to your fan page. I have seen leads cost me in some niches $1.30 and as high as $2.90 it all depends on what your leads are worth to you.
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    Social media is best way to promote your business.
    1) You can add post or images on Facebook.
    2) You can make video and post on You Tube.
    3) Make a website and share relevant articles on your business page.
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    If you want to generate leads on Social Media to advertise your business online, then you should follow following steps:
    1. Share images on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
    2. You can also post video on Youtube, Vimeo.
    3. Create campaign for different social media platform.
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