How to Get more Friends in Facebook ?

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Hi Friends,

Anyone have idea how to get more friends in Facebook, how many friends we can have in Facebook account.?
How many friends request we can sent on same day ?

Thank you

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    The maximum number of friends that you can have on Facebook is 5000. You can add as many as you like as long as it is within your circle or else Facebook will tag you as spam.
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    Its only possible when your FB wall content is heavily admired by your network and your friends network. So you have to share such content that make people surge to send friend requests.
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    There are a few ways you can increase your friend count on FB - I am assuming you mean a personal page? If so, here are some suggestions...

    1) Join networks. This will link you up with people who have similar interests who you'll start chatting within the site and then become friends with of your own accord.

    2) Join groups. It's the same principle as networks, there's a Facebook group for most things these days so do a search and see what you come up with. For most groups you'll have to have an admin accept you as a member so it might take a little while.

    3) Add friends of friends. You can go through your friends' list of contacts and add anyone who takes your fancy. In this case, it's best to add a personal message too so they don't think they're being spammed.

    4) Have an open profile. If you're expecting people to be your friend, they might want to know more about you first. Otherwise, you could come off as a little creepy!

    5) Time your posting. The more people who comment and react to your post, the more this will encourage their friends to interact with you too. Evenings and weekends are the best times to post (before 9pm)

    6) Post pictures. No-one's interested in words anymore and they definitely won't encourage random friend requests. These are the authentic ways to make friends with people in or around your circle. I haven't used them myself but apps such as Faceboost Magic Liker, FLikes for Facebook and FaceGain all claim to do the same thing.

    Hope this info helps
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    I found that people are having success with this approach:

    You can host a variety of contests for your Facebook friends. If you do this, then they will likely tell others about the contests and they will want to add you as a friend.

    Have you ever run any contests?
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  • You can join maximum possible groups and share your thoughts/inspiring ideas/useful information, people will start replying to your post and it will create good environment to increase your friend list!
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    go to facebook search engine and search for friends. the maximum i think you can have on facebook is 500.
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