is Instagram useful to increase traffic for your website???

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i am looking for more traffic on website. is Instagram useful to increase traffic?
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    Very useful! If done right it will drive lots of traffic to your website organically and through paid ads.
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      Originally Posted by Funtobesocial View Post

      Very useful! If done right it will drive lots of traffic to your website organically and through paid ads.
      Please !!
      can you help me to know some tips to have more traffic , but in different situation i have some apps in App Store and i need traffic to increase more downloads and reviews
      thnx for reply
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    if you have the right content and are utilizing it well you should be able to drive more traffic to your webiste are you running any special promotions or ads?
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    I haven't tried it but at some point I think it does. Every platform is a possibility. It will just depends on the niche you are in.

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  • Yes, you can generate traffic but before that you need to have good network on Instagram. You can follow these steps to increase your network :

    - Engage => like others’ photos and leave comments
    - Follow your already established followers from other social media platforms.
    - Include your hashtags => if your brand uses specific hashtags on Twitter or Google+, use them - on Instagram as well
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    Yes, Instagram is a social marketplace that directs traffic that turns into sales. How do you do that? You have to share photos that are attention-grabbing, unique, and full of personality.
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    Yes, you can use Instagram for your needs, also, I can say that it’s the most common networks! I’ll recommend you to be more creative and use only modern, interesting and actuality images!
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    Instagram is a very useful tool to drive traffic to your website. Instagram is the most popular choice among big brands in promoting their brands because of high engagement with its customers or "followers".

    The reason why brands love Instagram is its visual-centric format that allows them to showcase their products through photos and videos. Today, brands are now using carousel ads to promote their products thus driving traffic to their website.

    Increasing traffic to your website using Instagram can be achieved with the following ways:

    1. Interact with your followers by offering exclusive content.
    2. Create a profile that is buzz-worthy and represents your brand
    3. Run contests for your followers.
    4. Encourage purchases by making shopping easy.
    5. Schedule your posts.
    6. Utilize the power of hashtags
    7. Learn about Instagram Marketing by reading materials and guides from the experts.
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