The Hottest New Trend For Facebook?

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One of my friends posted this on Facebook and it looks like Facebook is growing very rapidly when it comes to video and live video, too.

Here's a few things that will be added very soon (see article):

I don't know about you, but I really need to start utilizing their video features more than I am now.
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    I agree they are going full steam ahead with video and live video.

    I also need to start doing more video on Facebook. Anybody who doesn't seriously start thinking about more video content could get left behind the competition.
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    I believe the hottest new trend on Facebook are definitely 360 videos and photos, and the live stream feature.
    Any successful strategy for Facebook should include at least one of these two to engage with the audience, and both resources can be really helpful for a branding process
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    I have actually looked at this and believing that there are many that are not taking advantage of the trending internet marketing tips that we are supposed to be taking advantage.

    It right time that we are going to be looking at some tips that we have take advantage

    It was youtube now it is time we had moved to Facebook

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    Live stream videos are most deffinitly the most popular on Facebook now. My friends post many of them daily, doing everyday tasks. I know that that is what the trend suggests, but isn't it a bit to much?
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    Hey guys! As others mentionred above the live stream videos are extremely popular on FB! It's the hottest trend now! All my facebook friends start posting more videos everyday. FB looks like YouTube!
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