What would you do if you had a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers?

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Or what could you do? Anyone have any ideas?
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    Find ways to monetize! Check out the YouTube Monetization Program. You'll need to have an AdSense account to get paid.

    You can also include a link to your monetized sites and blogs in your descriptions.
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    I agree - Find the best way to monetize it! There are so many different ways you can promote to that many subscribers (if they're legit)..It really comes down to what the page is about. What niche is it?
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    Redirect them to your email marketing service form (GetResponse, Aweber, etc.)

    There might be a day where you will start getting lazy about uploading videos. It's best not to lose your subscribers.
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    Adsense and sponsorship are the best ways.
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    Get them to your email list and market relevant offers.
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    I agree with above. If its the right niche there are tons of ways to monetize. send traffic to a blog/squeeze page. collect emails.. sell.
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    I would find a product I could market to them (niche dependent) and do it in a way that wasn't too pushy or was going to get my videos removed. Make them feel they are getting value from my videos.
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    If I had 100,000 YouTube subscribers, I would look hard and well at something that could solve their problems or simplify task related to their interests and or hobbies. People like things that make things simply, but will buy things that solve their problems.

    Find, create, or pay someone to create something that would be worthy of sending out to 100,000 people. Then, create a video explaining and demonstrating such product/service, and connect to a landing page in the description box.

    Attach the product to the thank you page, post a video, and start split testing landing pages.

    Why? Because in the long run, I am more focused on building a solid email list. With an email list, you don't need PPC, SEO, Solo Ads, Social Networking, etc. If you have a large enough list, they will do the social networking for you if you send them sociable information, which will then bring more subscribers.

    At that point, enjoy some of your earnings, but continue to study and work at making things that much better for your audience. Nothing says a better business/friend that quality help and service. If your people love what you will, 100,000 people on your list has the potential to bring you financial independence.
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    If I had 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel I would plan something special. Like, I would make a video which attracs people and which will give people a hope for the future. For example: if I found a way to get PAID thinks to FREE then people will come here to those up. So my plan is to get something like that and make an awesome attractive video for my visitors and take them to my are...
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    If you have that many subscribers, then you are doing something right. Use the Youtube advertiser program and rinse and repeat until you get 1 million subscribers. Build a brand and then you may be able to launch your own products.

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    I would deffinitly find ways to monetize it. Youtube and other social networks are selling big, so you can use them to earn some money!
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    If the video channel is depending on my niche then i can easily build my website with the help of my channel.
    Using Adsense to earn something from the subscribers.
    Using that large amount of traffic to be converted into my website.
    I can easily brand my product with the help of my channel.
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