I need Facebook marketing for beginners

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Is there a good easy to follow course for marketing on
FACEBOOK? I prefer to learn from someone
who already does this. The course which I am happy
to pay for must be current (2016)

I am not interested in buying ads. I prefer to
market the program I am promoting using Fan
Pages, Groups etc.etc.

I am looking to reach business opportunity groups

#beginners #facebook #marketing
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    You can do some research on the internet using google search engine to see if you can locate sales seo companies and websites that offers such products and services. but concerning this issue of marketing, what you can do is to visit and join Facebook groups and pages that belong to the niche you are offering and regularly post your products or service that you are offering for sale.
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    Follow these rules while posting
    • Post on different times and know maximum reach, then try to post at that time to max reach and engagement.
    • Use Images and Videos in your posts.
    • Share some useful content for followers (Educational and related to your niche)
    • Follow some humor in your posts
    • Always give human presence with your updates (not bots)
    • Never insist your followers to buy your product or service (they will be irritated)
    • Once your likes reach specific count you will get updates like preferred audience (use it carefully)
    • Schedule post for holidays and weekends
    • Never forget to answer followers queries or complaints (if possible with humor) Timely replies will get more positive impact on followers.
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    While these aren't courses, three free resources I use are:


    These are their Facebook pages. I think a couple of them have paid courses but I'm not sure. They cover all the major social media platforms not just FB.

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    There are some very useful tutorials in Youtube you can use.
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    You had better know that using free marketing method is good but there are cases you must USE MONEY
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    Here are some tips for Facebook marketing :

    1. Good profile & cover pic along with detailed description about your business, brand, product or services.
    2. Integrate Facebook with your other channels and networks.
    3. Focus on rich and engaging content to tap into the viral nature of Facebook.
    4. Make sure that you highlight your company’s best qualities.
    5. Make posts everyday or twice a day to keep people engaged.
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    The posters have given great advice.

    I have an ebook I'll be selling very soon on WF. It showcases exactly how to do what you want to accomplish using methods I tested. Would like to be a free reviewer? Please let me know and I'll send a copy
    Winning Facebook (Free) Marketing Strategies
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