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Hi, whats the best time to start monetizing facebook fanpages? When you get 500 likes? or 1000 likes? i plan on driving traffic to my blogsite and "softsell" with affiliate banners, review articles, ect. My fanpage is growing each day but I want to wait till I have a good audience to start monetizing. thanks
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    I've built a few fan pages and monetized them, from my experience there isn't a defined time to when you should start. This process can take a-lot time and really depends on how you are getting likes for your fan page. Are you buying likes? Running ads to a targeted demographic? Posting content and generating likes organically based off of your content and the shares of your fans? Also how do you plan on driving traffic to your blog site? You can start at any time you would like but keep in mind the changes FB has made to fan pages. If you make a post not all of your fans will see it, in fact only a small amount of them will even get it in their news-feed, the amount of people who see it increases based off interaction with your posts or how much money you spend to get it in front of more of your fans. I would suggest experimenting with the number you have now, and see what the results are. Then make your decisions based on the data you gather from your tests. Also from my own experiences don't just leverage a fan page, but multiple social media platforms, and tie them all together to maximize interaction and the ways your fans can receive the information.
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    thanks for your response. Im current receiving fans through ad campaigns. My like ad campaigns are doing well. Just preparing for the next part for me which is monetization.
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    You can start anytime. Just start putting out some great content that people like and you can put a link on some of the posts to see how much traffic is being driven to your website.

    This would be a great way to start driving traffic without it looking too much like a promotion. When doing this just make sure you are adding value on the posts and if people like it they will start clicking. Good luck I hope it works out great!
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    Facebook organic reach was around 2%(if you have 1000 likes 20 people on average are going to see your post), that is before the recent changes where family and friends are more likely to be shown on walls compared to content from liked pages.

    That's why I don't think it's a good idea to spend time and money on getting likes. Sure, a few hundreds will make you page more trustworthy.

    Of course 2% is the average, if your posts constantly get thousands of shares and comments they are more likely to be posted on followers walls.

    So you should focus on engagement and maybe building a list. You can notice after a viral post with a lot of engagement be it organic and paid that your next posts will also get a lot of engagement even if they are not paid.

    If the post is good, boosting it can attract a lot of organic free traffic, sometimes 10x the amount of paid traffic.
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    For me, you can focus the growth of your page before starting it to monetize it because if you got the good engagement and talking about your page then you can share your blog site to drive the decent amount of traffic to it.

    If your traffic is increasing then you can start your plans to earn money that will work out well as you are expected.
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