How to Manage 50+ Social Profiles - and Drive More Traffic and Sales to Each

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Do you follow Buffer's blog over at

I use Buffer myself to constantly share 5-6 posts automatically each and every day (and the best thing is, the regular tool is free!).

But anywhos, they made a case study how Creative Click Media manages 60+ social profiles:

That's bunches!

One neat thing:

"...We mostly use optimal timing on Facebook. Twitter is kind of trial-and-error, though the Twitter accounts tell you now when you get the most activity. We've been trying to look at that more. We're trying to work with Facebook more also, to find those optimum times.

I love that Buffer lets you set one schedule and keep it. It makes everything very consistent which is definitely one of the best things about it.

And Buffer tells you the optimum time to post to an account, which definitely makes things easier...."

If you want to manage your social profiles, Buffer is a great tool!

has a list of all the extras as well.

(you can automatically post to FB Groups, FB pages, FB wall, Twitter, Linkedin.... 'tis really grand).

Do you use Buffer? If not, you should.
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