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Hi Guys Yesterday i created a post engagement ad, and my Ads ar activated however i did not get any Engagement why ?

I have everything setup my payment methodology etc... everything is nice

My bid is between 0.46 And 0.93, and that i place 0.71 And 0.62 however nothing appears to figure

I have quite forty Million folks in my targeted traffic, and that i still did not get any Engagement to my News feed Ad, what's the matter guys

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    maybe the reasons are your contents
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    I agree, maybe your content is not appealing for users.
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    It's really hard to say without seeing what the ad is, what the goal of the ad is, and who the ad is targeted at. It can be a wide range of reasons.
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    You should review your content and set up of the campaign precisely

    Thanh Nguyen - Facebook Account For Rent - Skype : tieu_long_nu383

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    40 million is too broad. Clone the ad and go more narrow with say 1 million audience, 100k and 10k. Then if you still don't get engagement, assuming you target the right audience, then you know your ad is the problem and you have to split test your ad using different images, sales copy etc.

    Note that the more text you have on your ad image the less likely is for you to get exposure(and you pay more for it).

    If you get ad views but no engagement then either your targeting or ad need to be reworked.
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    you see the content , images , your campaign was okay or not, and do not forget to review your advertising account
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