Should I buy facebook fanpage ?

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As the title I said. I have some saling project and will run marketing for it. I'm considering should I spend some money to buy a few of facebook fanpage for marketing project ?
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    it's actually cheaper! You only have to create your on facebook page (which is very simple to create) then you post something and boost it for 20$ or more if you want... the more you pay, more people get to see your post and eventually they like your page... paying only 20$ you can get 400 likes easily !
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    buying fanpage should not, you should create a fanpage and run ads like increase. Thus it is safer
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    If you do buy a fan page, I would check to make sure it's in a good market. Facebook ads for pages tend to be pretty affordable, especially when it comes to getting likes for your page. Or you can build your own page, but it would take longer to do that.
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    I would never buy a fanpage. Put in the work & build your own targeted audience. It will be worth it in the end.
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    I think buying fanpage on Facebook will give you numbers, but will not help you interact better with people, as is required for any new startup. When you buy likes, the number of people genuinely interested in your posts will be very less.
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    Creating your own is a safe option, plus you know more about your followers then and how to make them convert.

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    I think making your own fan page and building it will be much better as the experience you will get in the whole process will be great and really helpful for you in the long term.

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    Running traffic to your website or simply marketing on FB ads? The point is what's your demand and your budget?
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    i think, creating your own page would be a better think to do.
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    The best option is to just build your own page and use that money to boost it directly to your targeted audience.
    If you buy something from other people it will not be useful for you.
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  • I never heard of buying Facebook fan pages but you can boost your posts for a few bucks to gain engagement with your posts or purchase Facebook ads to market your products/services you must have a page in order for you to purchase ads. But as far as I know having a Facebook fan page is free. I hope that helps
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  • Yeah, i am not sure if buying a facebook fan page would be very effective. The reason I say this is because facebook is slowly trying to weed out advertising for business on its social network..
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    I think you had better build your own page. But you can spend money to rent some famous fanpage to post status to advertise your product

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