If i ask 1 MILLION people for a dollar and they gave it to me, id be a MILLIONAIRE!!

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I have a Facebook fanpage of 103,000+ and want to sell a physical product but dont know what to sell , i dont have capital to buy whole sale a and sell retail. PLEASE DONT MENTION TEESPRING , I've had issues with them in the past and dont want to go down that road again. This will be the first time i try to sell them something , I have givin them value and feel that they trust me enough to buy something. Keep in mind i want to sell something small and cheap maybe like 2$ or 3$. Some of you may know that FB often only lets you reach to 10% but 10% of 100,000 is 10,000. Sometimes its more than 10%. If you can create a cheap physical product and is targeted to my niche we can work together and split the profit. something that cost pennys to make that can sell for dollars (EX Keychain) My page is on the golden state warriors , a USA BasketBall team. my hope is to sell something to my follwers and at leats 1,000 people buy a 3$ item thats $3,000!

Thanks for help in advance!
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    If you ask a million people to give you $1 and they don't, you're broke.

    A few things:

    Is this really the best time to promote a product to Warrior fans, given that basketball season ended recently and the biggest news of their offseason, signing Durant, will be weeks old?

    Secondly. I think you're a bit too ambitious if you think you'll get a 10% conversion rate. My guess is you'll convert less than 2%, if any.

    What I would recommend is creating a money making site and using your fan page for traffic and use your site to separate the buyers from the tire kickers.
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      warrior fans are pretty much over this last season and are very prideful and loyal fans, but granted its not an ideal time to sell to them but its also not a time to "Not" sell something. Yea KD got signed which made fans excited for the next season so people and bandwagons are starting to reach for there wallet when it comes to merch. Yea im a little bit ambitious when it comes to conversion but that was just an example , and im sure these fans wont mind buying a $1/$2 product. But thanks for your post i am in the process of setting up a funnel page.
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    You could try other custom gear like zazzle.com or gearbubble.com. You could recommend shortened affiliate links or links in shared posts from offsite pages. Just make sure you follow facebook policies. You could find a sports related product on aliexpress.com and drop ship it to your followers.
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    You should try selling stuff ever so often, not just once. that way your reach will increase.
    You just need to not over saturate your followers and find a good quality product.

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