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Hello, I need a help about pinterest, I have a fashion niche and I see in my pinterest account feed lots of fashion bloggers are pinning lots of model photographs , my question how do they get those photos ? they bought all those models images ? I know If I use their photos it will be a copyright issue? But its not possible for me to buy or make those photos, any solution for me ? another question if which is the best affiliate program for a fashion blogger ? thanks in advance.
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    I have a pinterest account and I used it. But don't know fully about it. But I can tell you about best affiliate program for a fashion. Check this link below:

    My Favorite Affiliate Programs as a Fashion Blogger – Marie Denee

    I am sure it will help you. Please read and then tell me your opinion.
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    I assume you can create an account on to offer your pinterest service. You may help others to pinterest his item.
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    Some of them buy the images in stocks, and others just create them by their selfs.
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