Facebook Advertising Or Google?

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Can anyone tell which one is best for marketing Facebook or Google Advertising?

Please share your thoughts.
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    How long is a piece of string? It would have to go by the niche and what it is you are trying to achieve

    The only true way is to TEST the market as this only affects you and your site!

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    Both are effective. Google Ads is best for immediate sales while Facebook is perfect for brands that want to focus on followers and lead generation.
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    Hey Sandeep7,

    Hope you are well buddy!

    I would agree with the above posts- What is your niche? What is your end goal?

    Ultimately, it comes down to free/paid traffic. Both have their advantages for sure- i always think its a good idea to have a combination of both. While the free traffic side of things (facebook marketing, blogging, blog commenting) doesn't necessarily have a cost to it, it does in terms of the time needed to spend on it. It requires consistent action for a lengthy amount of time for it to become productive- But if you persevere, and you have a genuine desire to do it then it can be very productive.

    On the other side of things, banner ads or solo ads are great ways to reach a targeted audience- are these things that you have tried at the moment?

    Kind regards

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    if you have any serious product or services then try on Google adwords and if you have any product like weight loss, celebrity promo, online shopping etc then fb is better than adwords.

    One other main benefit of fb ad is that you can get genuine likes on your fb page if you promote your fb page.that page can give long term benefits and many more.
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    It depends.
    If you have product based business then my suggestion goes for facebook ads, but if you are providiing services then google add is best for you.
    Its quite hard for anyone to take services from social media. People search about it, reviews, and many more things before taking any services.
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    Originally Posted by Sandeep7 View Post

    Can anyone tell which one is best for marketing Facebook or Google Advertising?

    Please share your thoughts.
    The key to advertising your business is to get targeted traffic. That is to say, people who are interested in what you have to offer.

    I find the best way to do this is to buy solo ads. These are people who have large lists of subscribers.
    Be sure to pick a solo ad seller whose list is interested in your niche. Start off small. Just buy 50 - 100 clicks to test it out. When you get good results, re-invest and scale it up.

    By buying solo ads, you will know inadvance what you are spending and there is no need to keep check as you would with Facebook ads. Also, targeting specific people on Facebook is not as easy as some people would have you believe.

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    Facebook all the way.
    They give you all the demographics you need for your target market.
    It's like turning on a tap for traffic.
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    facebook is good based on rates and google is good to drive traffic but they charge high based on clicks and action.
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    Originally Posted by Sandeep7 View Post

    Can anyone tell which one is best for marketing Facebook or Google Advertising?

    Please share your thoughts.
    Both are very good. The only way you can find out what works best for YOU is to test it. You can start using both for a relatively small budget.
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      Both are very good. The only way you can find out what works best for YOU is to test it. You can start using both for a relatively small budget.
      which of them cost less?
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    I would say it depends on your services or business. First do keyword analysis related to your business if number of searches are too poor go with Facebook advertising if number of search are good you can move with google ads. I hope you got my point.
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    What are you promoting exactly? It's impossible to give you an answer without this sort of info.

    I use both for client's however it really depends what results I am trying to get and for what product / service. Can you provide some more info?
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    Both are the best way for marketing but your marketing strategies depend upon your nature of business. For Eg: if the product or services are creative and for public than choose Facebook and if the product or services are manufacturing or related to this than use Google marketing.
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    Neither are particularly fond of internet marketing advertisers if that is your business. Facebook has the advantage of allowing targeted posts that can serve as advertisements, but the are very finicky about what you say when it comes to promoting marketing courses and programs. They don't like 'misleading' promises. Very subjective opinions by bots or people who have erroneous and preconceived notions about IM courses in general. If you're promoting IM, I save my money and look for alternatives.
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    Interesting responses. I'm yet to try out any of the 2.
    But I'll probably go with facebook ads, heard Google ads have become way too expensive for mos reasonable keywords.
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    Both are effective. You need to make a clear plan before choosing, Facebook will be a better option for beginners to save cost, Google will be the best to increase the conversion rate and attract more customers for sales.
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  • You mentioned two effective site. As far as I know these two site working good, there is no doubt about it. You can use both of these site. I believe both of these are good. Thanks
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    Originally Posted by Sandeep7 View Post

    Can anyone tell which one is best for marketing Facebook or Google Advertising?

    Please share your thoughts.
    What are you advertising.

    The biggest challenge with Google is they are very strict and unforgiving. Keep that in mind.
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  • Anyone notice a huge increase in what FB charges lately?
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    ideally Google all the way.. because your ad comes up while your target audience is actively looking for what you got...

    as oppose to facebook where you target people who are interested in what you got but are not necessarily in the mood when your ad pops up on their new feed....

    all that being said, im sure you can do well on facebook if you bring enough attention to ad and lets not forget the costs... even with a kick a$$ quality score on Google you can't beat FB ad prices... generally speaking..

    best of luck,
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    For me it's Facebook, it dominates all the social media,it has millions of user, and traffic is endless
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    Hi, there is no hard and fast rule on which one will perform better. But here is a little tip you can follow:

    1. For immediate selling and local operations, google adwords is a better option.
    2. For brand awareness and leads generation, facebook is a paradise.

    Hope this helps.

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    Both are pretty good, Both have the ability to help you drill down to targeted specifics.
    For me i use Facebook. They have a massive internal audience and i feel i can really press down and choose a targeted audience for my ad.I feel comfortable using facebook as i am on it everyday.

    My mission to escape the factory grind http://imnathanjames.com

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    I have tried both. But I really prefer Facebook ads based on the targeting and results.
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    I would say Facebook.

    Here is why;

    You have more Targeting Options.

    You can get very specific with Facebook. The people is more engaging as well. Plus you have the opportunity to make your post ads go viral and end up getting tons of viral traffic for Free. ��
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    Facebook no doubt.

    You can target gender, age, region, device, time zones and many other targeting options to choose from.
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  • Both traffic sources works best. Adwords a little bit expensive than Facebook Ads in which you can find also a free traffic not only in paid ads using groups and pages. All you have to do, you must have an automated software to post to groups and pages you want regarding your niche.
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    Google is a much better indication of customer purchase intent as your ads are shown when someone is actively searching for your products and services. Facebook's demographic information is not an indication of purchase intent but instead is better suited for generating leads and brand awareness, thus a cheaper cost per click. Google may be a bit more expensive, but with continuous keyword optimization and bid management, you can generate immediate sales at a reasonable cost.
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    We have zero success with Google AdWords and limited success with Facebook, frankly. Although FB is a bit more economical and as some people said, we seem to get some extra followers, which is useful, and that could bear dividends down the road. I think of Facebook as playing the long game. It has value, but I have trouble measuring it.

    I'm a bit surprised by Google AdWords, though, and I am willing to take some of the blame for our campaign performance. I took a look at it last month, and I think the campaigns we were running didn't target a specific enough keyword or audience, BUT here's the problem I have found in maybe about 10 hours tinkering with it...

    There is no audience for what I want.

    I know people think, what?! It's GOOGLE, it's the biggest search engine, it's amazing! The reality is, though, there's almost no "golden mean" for what we're offering, which is corporate video production. I've noticed if we use too broad of a keyword target, we're getting nothing but other professionals who want to send us resumes and reels. Very few if any clients ever click the link, and none of them sent us. Spent maybe $2,200 and not a single e-mail let alone a result or lead.

    When I want to focus on something extremely specific -- I can't remember exactly what those were -- I don't seem to get any search volume. For instance, maybe I want to target someone typing "technology product video production," but it tells me there's like 5 searches per month for that term. That won't really help us. That's better to just go for the organic ranking. But if we have "product videos" or something vague, that is NOT a potential customer searching for a corporate video production company to make product videos. The real stumper for me has been... what the heck are these people searching for?! Clearly, we know that more than $1 billion is spent on corporate video production per year, but how are these companies finding their video production companies? Referrals mainly? Google searches? Business directories? Outbound efforts? I'm not entirely sure.

    We do have companies find us on Google but it's a couple of times per year type of thing. Most of our work comes from referrals and word of mouth, and it's not at all enough at present.

    I was ready to give Google AdWords another chance but I'm just concerned there are so few keywords that have any search volume, it won't provide much value for us. And I'm tired of paying a ludicrous $5-6 per click for voice over artists spamming us with demo reels. I have to admit it's like the world has gone mad, because if I would have known "the good times" would come back, I'd have stayed in my previous business venture. When I ran a network of content sites (humor, celebrity, movies, etc.) in the early 2000s, the idea of getting $1 per click was a laughable remnant of when people were stupid enough to pay that much in "the good old days" of the dot-com boom. Then prices fell to 10 cents or less for every single click except maybe a casino or porn site, and those could be 50 cents to $1 per click. Nobody, no advertiser, would ever pay $1 per click unless it was one of those two fields. Now, suddenly, $5 per click is reasonable? I don't really get that. It's almost impossible to justify that expense unless you're selling a Ferrari. If you were selling small products, you couldn't afford more than 10-20 cents per click and even that seems steep if you're converting as high as 10%. It would eat your margins quickly. I'm just not sure I understand why there is a several thousand percent increase in advertising rates in this one field.

    We are fortunate to offer a high-value service and if the leads were there, I can justify $5 per click, but only under the (somewhat dubious) assumption that not only do I get a new client who wants a video, but I get a new client who wants many videos over a period of years. Then, maybe, I could afford to pay $1,000 for each actual new client and have it pay off over a 2-3 year period. Otherwise, I'm at a loss how anyone affords Google AdWords. They don't seem to be an economical use of marketing funds.
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    First of all Facebook is Also instagram, they both use the same system for advertising so thats a bonus, google has limits on things and ends up not being cheap i use "Bing" over Google because its cheaper, but i found most effective is facebook by fare and i would stick with that.
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    Both are effective. Facebook advertising should mostly be done for branding and engagements, Facebook is best if you are trying to engage with your customers, to communicate with them and build a relationship.
    If you aim to increase your sales from the audience you think believes in your brand and will choose you from among your competitors then go for Google ads.
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    Originally Posted by Sandeep7 View Post

    Can anyone tell which one is best for marketing Facebook or Google Advertising? Please share your thoughts.
    You can't compare social media and search engines both are different platforms.
    Use both if you want to have an effective campaign.

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  • Profile picture of the author Alisa Alice
    Google Adwords Vs Facebook Advertising

    Sales conversations are predominantly increased with the help of an advertising strategy using Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. It is quite difficult for a company to decide which platform was right to publish their service/product ads.

    As the visitor activity is more on Google and Facebook, many businesses reap the strengths of advertising in Google and Facebook by achieving highest visibility to the user, increased leads, finding new customers, and finally gaining more mileage to their businesses.

    Google Adwords

    1. Global reach and exposure to large potential audience.
    2. Immediate user retention.
    3. Estimated daily budget and maximum cost per click.
    4. Various advertising options.
    5. Instant RoI.
    1. Extremely costly if unmanaged.
    2. Limited Space.
    3. Need to rely on Google's other products like Google shopping and Youtube.
    4. Time-consuming set-up and management.

    Facebook Advertising

    1. Global reach.
    2. Immediate user retention.
    3. Estimated daily budget and maximum Cost per click.
    4. Wide range of targeting options
    5. Can sell your products with images and videos.
    1. Not recommended for B2B companies.
    2. Irrelevant potential audience.
    3. Only suitable for B2C markets.
    4. Can be expensive if unmanaged, but less than Google Adwords.

    Google Adwords and Facebook advertising can be considered as a boon to the SME business clan to market their products and services for nominal investment.

    Alisa Alice,Digital Marketing Company

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    Facebook marketing is quite helpful and more beneficial.And it is also cheap of you know how to play with the ads, it is not pay per click based. They charge for you to market your post to certain number of people. While google adword some times comes pricey if your keywords are having high competition.
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    I prefer Facebook over Google, but it depends on what you want to accomplish and what your niche is. They are both good if you know what you are doing.
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    Both sources are quite good. But decision is based on what you going to market, through that you choose the suitable source.
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    Both Ads platform are essential which depends on natural of your business. Although Google is most preferable platform for ads. Facebook is good for products/services for youth.
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    Don't forget about Bing who still offer some nice advertising coupons while the competition there is not as fierce as on Google and Facebook.
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    Both Facebook and Google is the right platform to target niche related traffic.
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    Hi there,

    Facebook and Google Advertising are both great marketing mediums. However, I believe that each of these mediums has their own forte; if you are selling products and you want to make it known to more people or prospective markets, then Facebook is the best marketing medium option for you. On the other hand, if you are primarily selling services, Google Advertising would be of best help.

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    Facebook marketing and Good Adwords Marketing both are the Most Important for your Online business while Facebook marketing Improve your Brand Awareness and Google Ad words Marketing Generate Instant Leads & Sale
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    That purely depends on your product type and the preferences of your audience. Google ads are fr higher reach and to achieve immediate sales traffic. On the other hand facebook is slow and steady brand promotion and generating leads and likes to your page. Hope it helps.
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    I will suggest to keep a mix of both Facebook as well as Adwords.
    Adwords Search will help you to get intend based leads which are easy to convert into final sales.
    Adwords display will help you to target sites which are relevant to your product industry and this will give you more relevant leads.
    Adwords retargeting will help you to retarget the visitor all over the internet on Google network. Conversion chances are very high with such display ads.
    Facebook- People spend more time on facebook and other social media. Facebook-insta gives you the power of effective targeting. If you have local product it will help you to promote that product within your location. Interest level and relationship level targeting helps you to reach right audience at right time.
    Normally you get 40% leads from Adwords and 60% leads from facebook. If you are looking for quantity of leads then FB is more effective.
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    Both Google and Facebook are great if you know how to use them. Most people fail not because of using the one or the other, but because they don't know how to use them, how to create ads, make smart targeting options etc. However, the only difference I can find is that using Google, you can target people using buying keywords. For example a person who types in Google search bar "buy cheap hosting package" is a person probably willing to buy a hosting package. You can't have so much targeting through Facebook.

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    If you are low on budget and have products which is mainly for the youth then facebook ads is certainly the best option.
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    For me its AdWords, because its very active form of advertising. It’s designed to reach people in a moment of intentional discovery – when they go online to search for a specific type of product or service.
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    The biggest problem with Facebook Ads is that people on FB are not in necessarily in buying mode. When searching on Google there are higher chances for them to engage the buying mode .
    But, for a long term brand campaign, FB is definitely better.
    this is what I've learned from my experience.
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