Facebook Website Conversions Campaign Isn't Performing Well - Poor ROI!

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We're running a Facebook campaign for a client who has an e-commerce store that sells tabletop accessories, dinnerware etc and the campaign is not performing as well as we wanted. We've run many campaigns on Facebook over a period of 5 years but seem to struggle with e-commerce campaigns, for whatever reason.

We've spent around $1,500 so far in a month and a half and have managed only 10 conversions, which less than what we were hoping for. We'd be okay with cost per conversion of approx. $30.

We're targeting people in some countries in the Middle East and some of the issues we've faced are:
- Low CTR of less than 1%
- The campaign reaching a very limited number of people and the budget not being consumed at all. This only seemed to happen when we optimised the campaign for 'Conversions'. The reach issue got resolved when we changed the campaign to optimize for 'Link Clicks to Website.' - This though, just meant we spent a lot more money and the conversions were still poor.
- We've fondled with both Auto bids and manual bids but not sure which one worked better.
- We've experimented with very specifc audiences with a pool of 10,000 to very broad audiences that have a audience reach of 250,000 and again we're not sure which works better.
- We've optimized for both mobile only and desktop only but it seems like the majority of conversions are from desktop but the majority of exposure is generated from mobile. Would you recommend separating the placements or running to both mobile and desktop?
- Relevance score seems to be low. My ideal minimum is 7, but this campaign seems to have a low relevance score.
- I've also decided to only show the advert at selected times of the day rather than all day.
- I've thought about changing the campaign to a 'Clicks to Website' campaign instead of a conversion campaign and tracking conversions separately, what are your thoughts?

Here are some facts on the campaign:
- Facebook Website Conversions Campaign
- CTR: .6% - 1.8%
- Relevance score: 3 - 6

I'd like to get your feedback and tips on the campaign. Please feel free to ask any questions you have.

Thanks in advance.
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