This single tweak on instagram ads can save you many $$$.

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Ok, so recently I was listening to one of Amy potterfied's podcasts where she was talking about one of her recent launches.

I got a tip from her on instagram ads that I really want to share with all of you (since instagram ads are kinda new and there is a lot of experimentation going on it).

She found that target groups which were responding well on mobile news feed of Facebook, responded even better on instagram. This means that instead of showing instagram ads to all her audience, she chose the ones that were performing well on facebook mobile feed, and then targetted them through instagram ads. And viola! She got 15% her leads through Instagram ads (which is a great number!).

This stat can be easily explained: Instagram is a mobile application.

In a nut shell, stop wasting your bucks on audiences that do not respond well to facebook mobile feed ads. Instead, carefully chose audiences that are performing better on facebook mobile feed, and target them through Instagram.

BONUS TIP: For her, black background on Instagram ads failed miserably!

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