Anyone get blocked from boosting their posts on FB?

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Hey everyone,

So I recently launched my app to the U.S. market..
Naturally I have a social media footprint on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc...

So we started marketing efforts.. and tried to boost our first post on FB.


submit again.. DENIED.. WTF..

we file for an appeal after going over the rules for posts that you want to boost and not finding ANYTHING wrong with our ad.

Then we get a response.
I can find the original response but it went something like this.

You have been denied from advertising on facebook because your product is a dating app. We are not accepting any more dating partners at this time.

Yea... my app is a dating app... and i'm just launching.. and facebook doesn't want to take my advertising money? really?

Apparently it's a big problem.. many small dating apps are getting F-ed over on this one. If you google search you find a bunch of small time dating apps complaining about the same thing.. dating back to 2012
Facebook Blocks Dating Site Ads Valentine's Day - Business Insider

Ok.. zuckerass.. what the F..
Now i'm seeing ads for new dating sites hitting the advertising spots on FB.. and I still cant get an ad approved.. what's the deal?

I've heard of other markets getting the same treatment by FB.
Keep the big boys (match, zoosk, pof, okcupid) in place.. and shut down the little guys from getting in the game.

This is a huge blow to my marketing effort.. anyone else on here getting slapped by this?
anyone fight it and win?

I guess for now i'll focus on Twitter..
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    Wow, I haven't heard of this before. Definitely best to try other venues.
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    Originally Posted by fusionfire View Post

    I've heard of other markets getting the same treatment by FB.
    Keep the big boys (match, zoosk, pof, okcupid) in place.. and shut down the little guys from getting in the game.
    I can feel your pain.. After going through all the troubles to build a workable system and you are been denied of your right to advert. Well, i guess it's no longer a right but a privilege. Same thing happens in Google too. They reserved the top spot for organic traffic for authority sites and also push up the price of CPC for good niche beyond the hands of the average joe.

    Well, that's what you see in the business world, some sort of monopoly reigns.

    Have you tried making a new site or working around the system?
    Besides, it musn't be just facebook ads.

    However, i strongly doubt if Twitter will give you what you want because their ads can not be tailored down to a specific market. Makes it harder to crack..

    All the best..
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    Yea man.. I just don't understand why Facebook can engage in such, dare i say, discriminatory behavior as this and no one cares? ugh..

    I mean, there's articles written about it all over the internet.. but nothing is happening.. apparently they're going to start doing it to game developers too i think

    What we did was brainstorm a way past it and we came up with creating a secondary page to my first that's a "Community" instead of a product page. It's a community of daters that we're calling "Hey There... daters" and so far so good on the boosting over there.. I was even able to add a "Use App" button and they're still letting us boost.

    OH.. and by the way.. i'm also getting rejected for ads over on instagram as well.. because it's owned by FB. GREAT.. two of the biggest social networks and two of the best ways to reach my demographic out the window.

    But just recently my partner was perusing facebook and what popped up? An ad for a dating app that just came out.. hmmm.. really? One that came out even after mine is able to boost? Sooooo.... it's not that your not taking dating partners at this time.. it's that you wont take MY APP...

    So we took a screenshot of it, and appealed one of the recent boosts that got rejected and sited that image to call bullshit on them.

    It's still stuck in appeals.. before when we appealed it popped right back out with a big FU sign attached to it. Maybe i've poked a bear... maybe i've got them in a corner.. who knows.
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    Whoa. This is the first time I've heard that Facebook has denied to boost an ad. I also don't get their response, "not accepting any more dating partners at this time"? What? Anyway, Facebook hasn't denied boosting my ad (I run an online casino, btw). Have you tried promoting your app on other social media platforms?
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  • Never heard about this before.. Now, you should move to the other social media platforms like twitter etc.
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    Yea.. we're actively advertising on Twitter.. and it's going ok.. Working on tuning our app store presence to get more conversions..

    but yea.. dont understand FB's reasoning other than they're in bed with the big boys in dating.. and maybe they're "arrangements" with the big boys includes excluding the little guys
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