Facebook Ad Design Inspiration: Veteran Graphic Designer Critiques 10 Facebook Ads

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From "DigitalMarketer".

Ever since DigitalMarketer solidified its style and brand, it has offered excellent quality of services. One particular channel which is completely refurbished is Facebook advertising. DigitalMarketer has invested around 4 million dollars and conducted more than 1,000 campaigns for 2 years to analyze what works for their audience and brand. DigitalMarketer makes it easy for you to check all Snagit, Canvas and screen short examples. DigitalMarketer modifies the older version of ads which are basic and do not evoke professionalism. You can make your ads better with your audience as well as brands.

1. Back to School
Focus on using right color options and add your logo at the top.

This concept guides your audience's eyes on where to go. For a brilliant design, you have to make use of the right color options. Try using different colors on the highlighted points so that they can grab attention quickly. Add the logo at the top as this is the key to tying the brand together. Keep the text size small so that it is readable.

2. Save Time with HubSpot
Focus on adding high-quality images.

Keep the overall resolution of ads high, otherwise, it will be difficult to use. Brighten up the overall image; you can give a touch of Photoshop in order to make interesting points stand out, or make use of a high-quality camera while taking the photographs. The picture should not be grainy and dark.

3. Need a Loan?

The concept, colors, layout -- I love everything about this image!

It definitely catches your attention right off the bat. They execute the flat-illustrated look very nicely. I love the hook, "Small business loans are changing," and its correlation with the imagery of the world's ever-changing technology.

The color palette is a great choice; very bright and vibrant.

4. Got Backlinks?

Images can give an eye-catching appearance to an ad if you use them in the right way. The illustration should not be misleading so that users can understand the purpose of your ad. Add a call to action by adding text in the image to grab attention. This will entice someone who is interested in discovering more about your ad.

5. Craft Your Design

Craft your design in such a way that it catches the attention of your target audience. Your ad should be designed well; with correct color and button options against the background. Craft your design without codes and implement this in a real design program. People enjoy simple and custom illustrated appearance so you should keep both of these things in mind while designing your ad.

6. Change the World

Adding a logo into your design is good. Give an adequate thought on your concept choices and imagery to accurately convey what you are offering. Use your creativity. Attach images which are clear and add a short call to action in the images; this will help you to grab more attention.

7. Built for Small Businesses

Take a look at some ads and establish one for your business. Make the typography and your choice of color palette coordinated all throughout your ad to make it recognizable. You can Photoshop Images a little and make use of recognizable fonts and colors.

8. Selling Smart

Branding is very important, so the color along with the clear imagery should be nice. Try to convey a clear and simple message. By doing this, you can vividly present what you are selling and engage your customers in learning more about your product.

9. Get Hired

In the above ad, you can see much white space around the circles which is very attention-grabbing. You can take an idea from this ad; the imagery is good and directly conveys the message without requiring any text on the image.

10. Be a Social Monkey

Include CTA or text, play with your images, or add a speech bubble!

Improve your ad design by using these design inspirations and enable it to snatch attention without doing much work. Applying these design inspirations to your ad will enable it to get more social shares, drive more traffic and overall user experience. Your business could grow fast and get more customers in no time!

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