How many times should i post in facebook

by szaby
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Im posting almost every day from monday to friday on facebook a picture with a qoute .But the reach just keeps decreasing do i need to go foward with motivational qoutes or what should i do?
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  • You have try to engage in the form of likes and comments with replies on the posts through tagging the niche peoples. Also, you have to shared your posts on the niche facebook groups.
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    Bleupage is best social media marketing software that can fulfill your requirements.
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    Try posting video. Facebook rewards posts that are video with more organic reach.
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    To have more audience on Facebook, you should post images, videos and infograph. Your visual impression should be remarkable in order to achieve higher traffic. You should post in niche group to increase likes and comments on your post.
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    I have almost 4,000 friends on dacebook (from all over the place) i have tried posting things like opt-in pages, or content locking pages, you will find these have a negative effect on people, i found the way to get more people active with your facebook is by posting "funny" videos and images.
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    Facebook is to smart they will Decease Organic Reach & Likes by 50% now a day. You need some Research that how often your User comes online in a Facebook and Don't forget to Post on Saturday & Sunday because these day lots of User comes online in a Facebook. Use Buffer to Schedule Your Post With Right time as you want
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    Depends on what the page is about, Nobody can give you the right answer because they don't know your business and your customers. The only way to get the right answer is testing. Ideally do not post a new post when the old one is still active.From a very technical perspective, you should post:
    - At least once a day
    - Ideally twice a day
    - Maximum thrice a day
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    Check your page engagement and talkings! If it's low then try to increase your engagement with the help of your quality posts!
    Join and posts some relevant groups will also get you more reach.
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    I had a bot that started posting on FB an image at every 15 min for a few months.
    Then I stared to drop the post rate to 1 hour and adding 1 hour every week.
    Now I'm at 1 post every 3 hours and the number of reaches, interactions and even page likes started climbing constant every day with every post rate decrease.
    Now there are 111 posts per week, and I estimate that around 40-60 per week would be the best based on other pages I monitor in the same niche.
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    i recommend to post 2 times per day, seven days a week, 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
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    I heard from a very successful person in online marketing to use the power of 2 hours policy.

    it's like the moment you post, you have to wait for the next 2 hours, and delete your first post and do

    repost for the reason that the viewer of your page is not always 24 hours online, so if you this steps

    you can still cover the viewers who logged in on that 2 hours window .
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    yes. keep make various. also see other profile and look what really he/she like more then post. hope it will work for you. Thanks
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    There is no limit for Post. But don't spam your account by Posting several Posts in a day. Schedule the Post and Make use of FB Notes.
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    Originally Posted by szaby View Post


    Im posting almost every day from monday to friday on facebook a picture with a qoute .But the reach just keeps decreasing do i need to go foward with motivational qoutes or what should i do?
    Ok, firstly what is your niche - and are you mixing it up at all? The formula sounds like it is a little stale.

    Whenever I work with social media management I have a little formula that ensures the posts are not too salesy and engage with the followers.

    Without knowing your background and what the page is promoting, here are some suggestions for your facebook messaging mix:

    - Monday - consider a Monday-style post - whether it is a motivator or something silly - you could encorporate sharing a video here.
    - Tuesday - a post about your business / find out more about us style with a CTA
    - Wednesday - a happy hump day style post, funny and with personality
    - Thursday - another post with perhaps a testimonial or info about your product or service
    - Friday - weekend style - happy friday post - this can be humorous and show your business personality
    - Saturday or Sunday - share something relevant your audience may like that fits with your niche.

    I would add that it's really important that you notice when your audience are most engaged on your page, you can do this by viewing the insights or through an analytics program.

    Also, focus on what is engaging with them, what gets clicks and shares - when you know what this is, add more of these style posts.

    You will need to add some budget for advertising and boost - so if you can do this I think you will notice a spike.

    The page should really be the personality of the business, and it should really enhance your business 'voice' so be aware of everything you post and ensure it fits with your brand.

    Good luck
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    Do not post many at one day otherwise your profile get banned to get the traffic from Facebook than you have to Facebook group only post than groups which have more than 10000 joined members.
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    There is no limit for posting on facebook but post quality and unique information.
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    There is no actual limit,1-3 posts per day is okay but it is better to do 1 post per day that has a good quality than 5 bad posts,that way you will increase your traffic definetaly.
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