Facebook Live Limit Per Day?

by Ikoma
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Hi guys. Anyone knows if there's a limit of hour/day using Facebook live? I'm planning to live stream a game for like 1hour x 5 per day. Thanks in advance for those who will reply <3
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  • The only limit Facebook has imposed on Live is the length or broadcast. You can only broadcast up to 90 minutes at a time.
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    There is no limit 100% why would they post a limit if you're bringing them traffic that's not logical.
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    I think it's limited to 90 minutes. Seems plenty of time. Too many people waffle on for ages about nothing on it.

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    Facebook has just upped the broadcast limit from 90 mins to 4 hours. Then there is the constant streaming function that is of less use to marketers. There are a number of things to keep in mind when broadcasting to Facebook. Firstly, the content has to be good to hold viewers interest, so shorter is better than longwinded. It has to be long enough for people to find you in real time so it is important to have people follow you so they get notifications when you go live. There are a number of factors to balance out and when you get it right there is no doubt that it has to be one of the most effective strategies for extending reach and increasing engagement.
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    There is no limit to the number of times you can broadcast each day but remember your internet download limits.

    Also remember those followers of yours who aren't specifically interested in your hour long games. Those lengthy and frequent broadcasts could get quite tedious and cause a few people to unfollow you.

    Is there an option you can post in a group setting or would this defeat the object of what you're trying to achieve with your videos?

    Either way, Facebook Live is definitely a real ratings winner when used correctly with content reach and and engagement far outweighing any other format at the moment.

    Have fun with it!
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