Doing Instagram The Right Way. Buying Shout Outs!

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Hey guys I wanted to share with you today what I have known for a minute, what some of the top marketers are doing to make a killing with Instagram. So don't take this info lightly because your getting it for free. Trust me this information gets sold daily.

If you want to promote yourself, business, or brand, buying Instagram Shout Outs is the way to go. It's what all the cool kids/marketers are doing. And not just in IM or MMO. There are brands and companies across the world that have been using the Shout Out trend to get leads, followers and sales.

So exactly what is a Shout Out? It is a post on another person's profile with a fairly large following in things such as health, wealth, relationship, pets, star wars,super hero....the list is endless, but you get the picture.

Guys this is simple to implement, you have 10 year old kids with an Instagram account that know how to swap Shout Outs with there friends to get more followers. But in our case as marketers and business owners we finds profiles that are similar to our target audience and offer to pay for the Shout Out. Its as simple as that. Just click on the profile get the contact info. are just shoot them a instant message, and ask them how much for a Shout Out. Also you can buy Shout Outs at different sites online from instagram profile owners, as well as micro job sites like Fiverr.

So Here is a Quick Cheat Sheet
1) Set up a Instagram profile with Niche or Brand in mind.
-include the url of your choice
2)Post about 5 pics related to your profile
3) Buy Shout Outs that's it.

So in closing this out, think about Shout Outs as a type of solo ad, you pay but you get super concentrated clicks, leads, and followers. So I hop you found this useful and take action. Have Great Day Edward
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