How Often Do You Tweet?

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I usually tweet between 5-8 times per day and about half that 2-4 times per day on the weekend. I was just curious how often everybody else tweets.
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    I don't tweet,no twitter for the last few months,it's better that way,I only use it when I work.
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    depends on what sort of content you have to offer. i only tweet when ever i have something important to share
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    I don't tweet because I am too busy on facebook and Instagram!
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    I tweet every now & then, but I also push out curated and targeted automated tweets to fill in the dead spots. You have to manage your time wisely and just going back & forth tweeting all day every day may not be the best use of your time.
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      Originally Posted by Funtobesocial View Post

      Awesome! I love all the feedback. It's great to hear about your strategies. Thanks everyone!
      One thing I noticed if you post more time daily your followers will be decerse happened with me
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    Just about once a week, i have no time for it, life is too busy.

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    A lot! But use AutoBots (so to speak) to do much of that for me. Saves up a lot of time and still am able to deliver Quality High Content Tweets!

    Laurie Bullard
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    I used to tweet a lot last year because of my responsibility associated with one of my research course in university.It was pretty useful because my prof was able to respond to my queries right away.From then on , I only use it to follow famous celebrities and scientific figures.

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    If I was to tweet it would only be a couple of times a day. I'd prefer to focus on other social media platforms, I don't really get any benefit from Twitter to be honest.
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    Almost never, the only time I use Twitter religiously was when I took a journalism class that requires us to tweet on a regular basis
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    I tweet depends on my mood ...

    I feel no need to tweet every now and then, like even the number of yawn you made in hour,

    Think before you tweet!
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    I tweet 2-3 times in a week.
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    i sometime tweet at weekend or holiday .
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    I love how Twitter decides the optimum amount of content that they profit from on their platform. Who has the time to write 200 tweets a month for each client? I do one per day.
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    I like Facebook and Instagram the most, but do find Twitter to be valuable for generating traffic to my site.
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    If i have a project then i tweet on a regular basis or after 2 days.
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