How to get 10000 subscribers for 0,05$ per each

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Is it possible to draw target audience for 0.05$?

The main criteria of your success in targeted advertising -
  • Your product and your content should be in demand;
  • Your business should be popular;
  • You should offer favourable conditions to your subscribers.
Let's move straight to our case.
This is the sample of Ads Targeting

Strategy for group promotion

In order to promote a group we picked 3 main strategies:
  • Clicking web-site by target groups
  • Re-marketing advert for a group
  • Ad targeting for a group

From the main types of advertising the following sites were chosen:
- The right column
- The main tape
No other options including Instagram, mobile version, search partners could contribute to fast growth of subscriber count

Target audiences for this customer were built up based on the following brief: men, from 16 up to 40, who are keen on CS:GO computer game and its other parts of Counter Strike - from 1.6 to Source. There were no other hobbies pointed out - the customer's business is designated only for this audience and its extension would have caused low quality of advertisments.

In order to set up remarketing we established Pixel on site for fixing all site traffic and grouping the major target audience. In this way we gathered the main target audiences which were initially formed due to subject of the resource and then caught-up useres in the social network.
Daily resource traffic counts about 6000 men per day, which is the key indicator of the well working remarketing.

More then 20 types of various adverts with different texts and graphics were created for each campaign. Facebook scales adverts from 1 up to 9 by default - it estimates interaction and number of show-ups (CTR analogue). The higher quality coefficient of your advert, the lower it costs.

We managed to increase the number of "likes" up to the record 10k+! It started from the only subscriber (me) and reached 10,001 - magnificent result.

How much time did it take? As you can see, for about two months.
The info on placement, click and audience value can be seen on the following screens. Another good news is that we succeeded easily in getting a target subscriber for 0,047$.

You can calculate it easily - each subscriber cost a bit less than 5 cents. Let me remind you, this is a target project in English targeted for foreign audience.

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    Leads at $5 each? Wow, that's a lot of money per lead.
    Not sure but do you mean 5 cents?
    I recommend changing your dollar amounts to avid confusion.

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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    I don't even have my first 100 subscribers yet and I put a lot of effort into making my video.
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    I really appreciate your work and the list you have made. Certainly each and every thing matters a lot to get 10,000 subscribers . You tell us about low budget and high sales. I admire your work .Thanks once again . Will keep following up your methods.
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