how to market subscription business directory?

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So soon I´ll be having my business directory subscription page up and running. I´m going to target mostly private practioneers, individuals running a one man small service etc..
There are thousand and thousands of potential costumers for my page..

Now, I need to target those who wanna BE on my page AND people who can use the page to find those people. In other words, like all other businesses I want a lot of traffic and engagement.

Thing is, with my other business I find it really hard to get engagement and likes on facebook and other social media. With my other business I´m not dependant on it, because its B2B orientated. But with this new thing I´m pretty sure that im 100% dependant on especially facebook. thats where people meet, talk and word is spread.

Should I provide a lot of content on my page? Should I make a group instead of a page perhaps? The topic of my page is in health and alternative health. I´m not really into that, but I can see that alot of people working with that dont expose themselves very good. Its a good market for it, but ALOT of practioneers..almost everyone without a good or any webpage, hard to find, no internet skills etc. They could definitly need exposure and I believe I can help them with that, to reach out to people.

I´m not sure what kind of content to focus on.. Maybe I could make a group where THEY can discuss and post stuff?

I mean..I´m gonna slam emails, call them, tweet and spend money on google ads etc. And of course ad on facebook. But what about the organic growth on FB? Are there any good advice on how to boost that? I wanna stay far away from clickfarms and irrelevant likes cause I know how damaging that is.

Any help is welcomed
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