Not happy with your blog's performance? Watch out for these tips to improve it

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Fellow Warriors! Blogging is an art because it's an expression of your creative instincts. Everyone who shares their content online wants themselves to be noticed and appreciated. No doubt your writing should be thought provoking to catch the eye of a random person behind a computer screen. But sometimes your word might not reach the audience you desire to target. What's the lacking ingredient?

They say that it's easy to build the blog but hard to maintain it with consistent traffic. Now here is a question: If your blog is intriguing and it's hitting at all the right spots then why the traffic preference is negating your expectation? In this thread, I'll share some pearls on how you can increase the traffic on your blog.

Make your audience feel important:

BE A GIVER FELLAS!! Humans are most of the time self-centered and every now and then they want something that has some meaning for them. Do share things about your personal life in your blogs but don't make it your trademark. If you continue portraying yourself as a 'blog star' , eventually they will start losing interest in your content for example the Kardashian clan ( Personally, I hate any news related to their life).Therefore always be resourceful.

Target the correct audience:

Now that's the main part of the game. Are your readers inclined towards entertainment, traveling, showbiz etc? That's the core of your pre-blog analysis. After that the question arises that how you can use that information for your own advantage? First, you can focus on communities that you can easily target e.g on twitter and Facebook. Advertise your blogs through these sources to spread the word. Second, personally I recommend using Google Display Planner. It's an awesome tool out there that can help you find sources where you desired traffic gathers. Therefore, you can use that information to participate on these sources to make your blog famous.

SEO Again!!!

You blog should be embedded with essential keywords that can pop up your topic on search engine database. There is countless literature available online that could help you achieve this.

Be responsive to your reader's comments:

A good blogger always adds to his/her fans queries. Don't sit back on your couch with a can of beer right away. Your job is not done yet!! Your readers will test you critically with your content and expect you to be responsive every second. Therefore, facilitate them.

A little humor goes a long way:

Show up your human side by adding a thoughtful humor in your blog. All your readers don't belong to professional niche and would easily drift away from your blog if it's based purely on the topic. Fellas !! humor is a total must thing .

Blog consistently:

Lastly!! Loyalty counts and you being loyal with your readers expects from you to be disciplined and regular in your posting. It doesn't matter if it's short or long. It should be consistent.

Cheers- James
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