What is the best Instagram automation service?

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Anyone use Instagram automation cloud service before ? please share your experience. I need to find out way to increase the followers,

however I'm already doing lots of campaigns, competition, giveaways, .. but still the increase percentage not good enough. Please advise.

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    Mass Planner. You can schedule posts, automate likes, comments, follows, unfollows. It's not just for Instagram, you can use it for Facebook, Twitter etc
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    is it secure ? what about the followers ? they are real or fake?
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    Hey there,

    FollowLiker is also another good one to use. Just be careful with how much you use automation services. I see that Mike posted on how he uses Instagress and gives recommendations for settings. Instagram is starting to crack down more, so you want to make sure that you don't have settings set too high, because it can trigger and they will shut your account down.

    My business partner and I are building our one account completely organically and they shut us down for no reason. Luckily, we were able to contact them and get it reinstated.

    Best of Luck,


    Grab A Copy of My Free Handbook: "How to Create A Rockin' First Impression On Instagram!" >>> bit.ly/mojogram

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    I actually do my own service. I have a program that logs into my account, likes/follows people, and then in return, I have REAL people liking and following me back. After a week or so, I follow them but most don't realize it. I gain 100-200 REAL followers a day.
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    This is the post about Instagram automation service. Best post I ever read. You can check the link and let me know your experience.

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      There are so many good software of Instagram on the warrior forum, you can search it ,the above has good software lol
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    Well first of I would like to warn you regarding the usage of automation on social media because it explicitly violates the terms of usage of these sites.Developing your business through these means can put you in serious jeopardy and in worse case scenario your account will be suspended.

    Second getting to your point , I think its pretty resourceful to use automation if used with perfect caution.My recommendation is not to use it for commenting excessively but instead use it for liking each other's posts. You should use the following three tools for your purpose.

    1. Instagress
    2. Socedo
    3. Archie

    I hope it works out.

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    I have used zen-promo.com to boost my profile. It has city-based search, that is the reason I choose it. More of that, all followers are real.
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    Hey Aero,

    Can you provide us some insights how much followers are you gaining per day.
    I have used massplanner and followliker for my Instagram campaigns and both are quite good, So you can pick anyone that suits your budget.

    With that I would suggest you to pick some service to gain a few followers doesn't matters if fake or real since what we want is some followers base so that if anyone comes that should see that we are already an influential user. After that start your campaigns over Followliker or Massplanner and gain followers easily without lifting a finger.
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    Originally Posted by AeroMostafa View Post


    Anyone use Instagram automation cloud service before ? please share your experience. I need to find out way to increase the followers
    I use Instagress which is web based and I am currently able to add approx 5000 followers to each of my Instagram accounts per month for super cheap. They are awesome and I fully trust them now that I have used them for almost 2 years with 60 Instagram accounts and no incidents at all using Instagress. I made a video on how I use Instagress and the settings I use which you can see here:


    Give them a try to see if they are what you are looking for. They automate your liking, commenting, following and unfollowing and have a 3 day trial for free to try them out and see if you like them.
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    Instagress has worked well for several of my clients as long as the discipline and account maintenance is performed along the way.

    The followers and engagement results were well worth it.
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