Instagram Shoutout Marketing. Anybody know of good training for this?

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Hey all!

So, lately I've heard of some really good marketing strategies using Instagram shoutouts.

You basically find a profile in a niche, and pay that person (with a large following) to post a "shoutout" blasting your image with your link to your page or product you want to send people to.

It's kind of new. t least I've seen webinars where some top marketers are doing it.

But, I can't seem to find the webinars or anything on Youtube related to this marketing technique.

Anyone seen any of these or know where to get this training? I saw one with Adrian Morrison and the two dudes that do Clickbank training. I think Clickbank College or something like that.

Hope I turned you on to something new. And I hope someone has some info about this.

Robert C.
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    Yes it's exactly that, finding super focused pages that are related to your target audience.

    Now sellers can sometimes:

    -charge too much(this is relative, you can evaluate the price/follower base and average likes per post before buying but you can't really know what engagement you will get prior to running the shoutout)
    -post your shoutout when the most of their audience is offline. They usually keep your post for a limited time, so you should check their page activity and see when is the best time to post. Many sellers will do a double or triple shoutout in a 1 day interval to cover more audience.

    Ask for quotes from a good number of pages. Usually you will not get many followers (25-50) from shoutouts but those sometimes can be helpful overall. They are not as required as boosting your post on Facebook though. It's way more easy to grow organically compared to Facebook but that could change as more people flock to this platform. The engagement the range of 20x compared to Facebook. With 10k followers you can do ok..
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    I have a WSO on it below but you can also check out my Warrior Forum Thread right here in the social media section which teaches about this business for free. I took the time a while back to email all the huge accounts in my WSO's Upsell, which is a list of huge accounts you can get shoutouts from, and I can tell you the prices vary widely so you can find some great prices for sending shoutout traffic to your offers or webpages. Here is the free thread on how it's done. Any questions regarding this thread I am posting you can just ask on that thread and I'll respond pretty quick as I am subscribed to my threads. Here's the link below:
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