What impact does social login have on conversion rates?

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Social logins allow users to sign up for and log into your website, app, list or service through their social accounts, rather than creating a new account just for your
site. It makes sign up process hassle free. There other benefits of Social login implementation in your website.

Streamlined and faster registration
Get rewarded
Personalized User Experiences
Permission-based Customer Data Access
Increased Conversion rate
One-click signup of an existing account
Magento 2 Social Login is also proven to increase conversion rates across web and mobile
properties. For an instance Ecommerce brands can decrease shopping cart abandonment by allowing consumers to log in via payment providers like PayPal or Amazon, which streamline the checkout process by pre-populating mandatory fields. It gives customers a fast and easy way to verify their identities and purchases. As per the survey, After Social login implementation, Conversion rates increase up to 40%. Magento 2 Mega Menu
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